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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following weapons does Mandella not pass out to his troops:
(a) Revolvers
(b) Knives
(c) Bows and arrows
(d) Shields

2. Which member of Mandella's family is now dead?
(a) His sister
(b) His father
(c) His cousin
(d) His brother

3. Where do Mandella and Marygay ride their bicycles to?
(a) The town center
(b) A local bar
(c) The commune recreation center
(d) The airport

4. Where do Marygay and Mandella meet before they embark on their trip?
(a) Ellis Island
(b) South Dakota
(c) Long Island
(d) Camp David

5. Why does Mandella not put a stop to the alcohol?
(a) It is good for morale.
(b) The cooks blackmails him.
(c) He wants to forfeit the mission.
(d) He needs alcohol himself.

6. What part of Mandella's body is crushed in this chapter?
(a) His arm
(b) His leg
(c) His foot
(d) His head

7. What section of the newspaper does Mandella try to find?
(a) Help wanted
(b) Jobs wanted
(c) Apartments for rent
(d) Obituaries

8. What does Mandella leave for his mother before he goes?
(a) Money
(b) Flowers
(c) A book
(d) A note

9. When did the company expect the Taurans to attack?
(a) On their first day
(b) When they were asleep
(c) When they were building the base
(d) On Christmas day

10. What kind of store does Mandella go to?
(a) A bomb store
(b) A newspaper store
(c) A gun store
(d) A fishing store

11. What does Mandella want to use to detonate the stasis field?
(a) Nova bombs
(b) Grenades
(c) Nuclear bombs
(d) Hydrogen bombs

12. What does Mandella turn off at the end of this chapter?
(a) The heating
(b) The generator
(c) The electricity
(d) The air conditioning

13. What do the troops call Mandella behind his back?
(a) Cruise contol
(b) Fanny chops
(c) Jack of nothing
(d) Old queer

14. Who is sick at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Marygay
(b) Mandella's mother
(c) Rhonda
(d) Mandella

15. What kind of people are now encouraged to stay on in the army?
(a) Those without family
(b) Those with a high genetic rating
(c) Those with a high IQ
(d) Those with a high physical fitness

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Taurans fire at the humans?

2. Where do Marygay's parents live?

3. What kind of cycle has Kynock recently witnessed on earth?

4. What is the Second Field Officer's name?

5. Who does Mandella have an appointment with in this chapter?

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