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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Graubard use in an attempt to kill himself?
(a) His stockings
(b) His trousers
(c) His tie
(d) His belt

2. What planet is Mandella's brother living on?
(a) Charon
(b) Terra
(c) Saturn
(d) Luna

3. What kind of people are now encouraged to stay on in the army?
(a) Those with a high physical fitness
(b) Those with a high IQ
(c) Those with a high genetic rating
(d) Those without family

4. Why does Mandella find it difficult to understand his troops?
(a) They speak too quietly.
(b) They all have heavy lunar accents.
(c) The English dialect has changed.
(d) They all speak in body language.

5. Who stays and dies in the underground base?
(a) Charlie
(b) Marygay
(c) Hilleboe
(d) All of the privates

6. What part of Marygay's body is missing?
(a) Her fingers
(b) Her hand
(c) Her arm
(d) Her leg

7. With what did Marygay's father get caught?
(a) A gun
(b) Pornography
(c) Ration tickets
(d) Tickets to Luna

8. Why does Mandella order his troops to the surface?
(a) There is no air
(b) There is about to be an earthquake
(c) They find a bomb
(d) The Taurans know their positon

9. What do the troops build on Sade-138?
(a) A base
(b) A bomb shelter
(c) A bridge
(d) A defense unit

10. What is the Second Field Officer's name?
(a) Karel Capek
(b) Masaryk
(c) Hilleboe
(d) Charlie Moore

11. Who attacked Mandella?
(a) Pietersen
(b) Lombardo
(c) Graubard
(d) Strauss

12. Who comes into the lounge to talk to Mandella?
(a) Stott
(b) Hilleboe
(c) Phillips
(d) Kryton

13. Whose house does Mandella go to at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) His brother's
(b) His sister's
(c) His father's
(d) His mother's

14. What is the name of the company's ship?
(a) Capek III
(b) Roosevelt
(c) Masaryk II
(d) Mary Jane

15. What do the Taurans fire at the humans?
(a) Arrows
(b) Missiles
(c) Darts
(d) Spears

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mandella turn off at the end of this chapter?

2. What does Mandella leave for his mother before he goes?

3. What does Mandella almost get hit by?

4. What is Mandella's mother's priority rating?

5. Where is Mandella put upon his arrival in Stargate?

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