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The Taurans

They are the species against whom Earth is waging war.

United Nations Exploratory Force, UNEF

They are Earth's worldwide military.


This is the planet where Mandella and the rest of his company have their first assignment.


This is UNEF's headquarters for the war and the largest known portal planet.

The Earth's Hope

This is the space cruiser that transports Mandella's company on their first combat mission.

Fighting Suit

This is an individualized combination of weapon and shield against the elements worn by each soldier.

Acceleration Shell

This is a one-person cocoon that maintains life systems while traveling past a certain speed.

Miami Base

This is the UNEF base on Charon.

The Anniversary

This is the cruiser that transports Mandella and Marygay on their second battle assignment.

Rhine Ability

This is an individual's level of extrasensory perception.


This is literally a star that has...

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