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Lesson 1 (from Private Mandella, Chapters 1-2)


The story begins with Private Mandella sitting through a training class that is intended to teach several ways to kill without making any noise.

The aim of this lesson is to examine Private Mandella's character.


1) Classroom discussion. In what way does Mandella's character suggest he will make a good soldier? What do the students think are his goals as a soldier? What do the students think he would have done if he had not joined the military? How do the students think Mandella's character will develop during the story?

2) Ask the students to write out Mandella's character background. Once they have finished examine what parts of Mandella's life contributes to him becoming the person he does. Who influences him? What motivates him?

3) Divide the students into pairs and ask them to think of a difficult scenario for Mandella to escape from. Ask the students to...

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