The Forever War Fun Activities

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500 Words

Condense the story into 500 words.

Alien Species

Design your own species. Examine their culture and the danger they represent to Earth.


Write Joe Haldeman's biography.

Comic Strip

Develop one of the scenes into a comic strip.

Alternative Ending

Write an alternative ending to the novel.

Design a New Character

Develop a character that you would like to see in the novel and rewrite a scene to include your new character. How does your new character change the story?

Paint a Scene

Paint one of the scenes from the novel.

Army Training

In the playground, divide the class into two groups, Team A and Team B. Each team has a military base with a flag planted in the middle that they need to protect, whilst trying to obtain their opponents flag. Additionally each team is armed with tennis balls. They can kill an opponent by hitting him...

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