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Essay Topic 1

Write a 500-word essay revolving around the following statement: The novel is a statement against war.

Essay Topic 2

Examine Earth from Haldeman's idea that everyone is cloned and has a collective conscience.

1) How would such an environment affect people's relationships?

2) How would it benefit the government?

3) Who do you think the government would choose to clone and why?

Essay Topic 3

Examine homosexuality in the novel. Is it a feasible idea that the majority of the population could become homosexual? What would have to change on today's Earth for that to happen?

Essay Topic 4

Examine the twist ending. Choose one scene in the book and discuss how the twist ending changes your perception of that scene.

Essay Topic 5

Compare Haldeman's book to similar science fiction novels.

1) Which ideas has he taken from previous works?

2) How has he used these ideas to develop his own meaning?

3) In what...

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