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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twenty-One - Chapter Twenty-Five.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is wrong with Eilan that she cannot perform the rites in the forest and Caillean has to step in?
(a) Pneumonia.
(b) Pregnancy.
(c) Cramps.
(d) Nothing.

2. Who is the person telling stories, including one about three hags, to a group of women at the Forest House?
(a) Lhiannon.
(b) Eilan.
(c) Dieda.
(d) Caillean.

3. The Druids want the priestesses to be celibate as this will protect the _________ of the Forest House.
(a) Holiness.
(b) Reputation.
(c) Population.
(d) Romans.

4. Who does Lhiannon want to summon once the pregnancy and menopause are revealed?
(a) Ardanos.
(b) Gaius.
(c) Goddess.
(d) Dieda.

5. What does Eilan dream that she becomes during a dream, which snaps her awake?
(a) Snake.
(b) Apple.
(c) Swan.
(d) Flower.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many promises does Caillean ask of Eilan in order for her to stay at the Forest House?

2. Gaius decides that he wants to adopt a son with ________, so he goes to the Forest House.

3. What does the Arch Druid counsel Eilan to advise during her trance, according to the book?

4. Gaius and Julia take lessons in Greek and in formal Latin in order to prepare for their trip to __________.

5. What did not happen before Caillean was initiated so she was still allowed to be a priestess?

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