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This is the Roman name for England; the natives here are known as Britons.

The Forest House

This is the residence of the priestesses, also known as Vernemeton, Most Holy Grove


This is the Roman fort where Macellius works and where Gaius was raised.


This is a large town, present-day London.


This is the capital of the Roman Empire; Gaius goes here to report to the Senate and the Emperor.


This is another name for modern-day Germany; Gaius is stationed here briefly.

The Summer Country

This area is present-day Somerset, where Caillean goes with a group of women to start a new House.

Crescent Tattoos

The women of the Forest House all have these markings in blue on their foreheads once they have become priestesses.

Pools of Water

These items are often used for seeing into the future or the Otherworld in The...

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