The Forest House Fun Activities

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Create a New Cover for the Book

Have students create a new cover for the book that will capture the essence of the story. This can include symbols or pictures of the characters.

Rules of Being a Priestess at the Forest House

Have students create a booklet that lists all of the different rules that the priestesses have to follow when they're at the Forest House.

Casting the Movie - The Forest House

Pick modern day actors and actresses that might work well to play the roles of The Forest House movie, were it to be made today.

Herbs to Help with Visions

Using online research, have students try to find out what sorts of herbs have been used to help people have visions.

Goddess Worship Today

Have each student write a three-page report on the current practices of Goddess worship. How common is this practice today?

The Timeline of Gaius and Eilan

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