The Forest House Character Descriptions

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This character, the heroine of "The Forest House", is a passionate and intuitive young girl (and later woman). She is skilled at healing, understanding people, and communicating with the Goddess.


Half Briton and half Roman, this character feels torn between the two cultures. Though he has been raised by his Roman father, who is of high rank in the army, he has also spent his life in Britannia and speaks the native language well enough to pass as a Briton.


Originally from Ireland, this character is blunt and outspoken and hates the way the Druids control the High Priestess.

Gaius Macellius Severus, senior (Macellius)

This character is a Roman officer (Prefectus Castrorum of the II Adiutrix Legion at Deva, Equestrian rank)


This character is the half-Briton, half-Roman niece of a secretary who is raised at the Forest House.

Julia Licinia

This character is...

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