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Prologue - Chapter Five

• Caillean wakes up from a dream in which Druids and a group of women are being attacked by Romans.

• Eilan and Dieda are out in the woods to give an offering to the goddess.

• Eilan sees something in the pool.

• Gaius is rescued and his arm is badly injured.

• Gaius calls himself Gawen to hide the fact he is Roman.

• Ardanos goes to see Lhiannon, the High Priestess of the Forest House.

• The family goes to the Beltane festival, and brings Gaius with them.

• Gaius begins to fall in love with Eilan.

• The Goddess predicts war for the Romans.

Chapter Six - Chapter Ten

• Marcellius' daily duties are described in this section.

• Gaius is fixed on Eilan, but his father is not happy about this.

• Eilan is afraid that Gaius has abandoned her, but learns the truth.

• One of the priestesses of the Forest...

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