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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When is the time period of the scenes Henry remembers?
(a) 1956.
(b) 1968.
(c) 1944.
(d) 1941.

2. What does Henry tell Myra about the fact that amenities are missing in the building?
(a) They can't afford anything nicer than this.
(b) There are no other places available at the time.
(c) It is the start of their life of voluntary simplicity.
(d) He wants the experience of living among poor people.

3. Who is Jenny?
(a) Don Williams's mother.
(b) Don Williams's daughter.
(c) Don Williams's mistress.
(d) Don Williams' wife.

4. What is the literary device called in which Henry remembers therapy with Elaine?
(a) Symbolism.
(b) Imagery.
(c) Flashback.
(d) Foreshadowing.

5. What does Henry do when he wakes up, in Chapter 3, after remembering his birth and family?
(a) Calls his brother.
(b) Walks his dog.
(c) Packs his truck.
(d) Calls Elaine.

6. What does Joe feel about Will joining the military?
(a) He is secretly proud.
(b) He is beaming with joy.
(c) He is solemn but he approves.
(d) He is outraged.

7. What was Henry's father doing in the scene Henry remembers?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Watching the birth.
(d) Yelling.

8. What does Henry stop for, in Chapter 5?
(a) He crashes.
(b) More beer.
(c) To sleep.
(d) Food.

9. What does Henry remember smoking in the barn?
(a) Corncob pipes.
(b) Tobacco cigarettes.
(c) Corn silk cigarettes.
(d) Cigars.

10. Who is Don Williams?
(a) A soldier.
(b) A hitch-hiker.
(c) A gun dealer.
(d) A doctor.

11. Who is Elaine?
(a) Henry's third wife.
(b) Henry's mistress.
(c) Henry's first wife.
(d) Henry's second wife.

12. What is Myra's response to the building she and Henry arrive at?
(a) Accepting.
(b) Delighted.
(c) Furious.
(d) Uninterested.

13. What does Henry try to qualify for in the military?
(a) Artillery officer.
(b) Marksman.
(c) Officer.
(d) Commissary steward.

14. What does Henry remember loving in high school?
(a) Football.
(b) His teachers.
(c) Watching girls.
(d) Basketball.

15. How did the game Henry and Will and their friends played against their rivals end?
(a) The game was never finished.
(b) In a tie.
(c) Henry's team won.
(d) The rival team won.

Short Answer Questions

1. What illness does Henry's dog have?

2. Who gave Henry his first ride?

3. What happened to Henry the summer when he was 15?

4. What does Henry roast for his housewarming party?

5. What does Joe pay Henry and his brother for?

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