The Fool's Progress: An Honest Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What happens in the prelude?

The prelude consists of a school teacher calling for Henry Lightcap, but he does not answer, and the teacher thinks she can see him off in the woods, playing.

2. What does Henry do after Elaine leaves?

Henry is glad, but only for a moment before he slips into angry depression and shoots the refrigerator with a gun because he is irritated by its sound. He decides to bake bread and thinks about who he can call for comfort; then he gets drunk.

3. What does Henry think about cooking, and Elaine's cooking in particular?

Henry spends a lot of time cooking. It seems to be his response to stress. He considers baking bread after Elaine leaves. Waking from his drunken sleep, he makes a big breakfast, but it only makes him think of Elaine's gourmet cooking, which he wouldn't eat.

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