Objects & Places from The Fool's Progress: An Honest Novel

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Object Descriptions

Stump Creek, West Virginia - This place is the destination of the narrator's road trip.

Tuscon, Arizona - This place is the setting at the beginning of the novel.

Krauts - This word is a derogatory term in the novel used to describe German soldiers in the war.

Juniper - This grows in the Southwest; it can be used as toilet paper.

Village Plaza, El Culito - This place is the site of an extremely run down, poor house.

Albuquerque, New Mexico - This is a place where the narrator stops to meet old friends.

Cow Creek - This place is where Coronado stopped in his search for Cibola.

Turkey Creek Canyon - A warden for the Lovers of Fur Bearers works in this place.

Rappites - This is a group of individuals who live in New Harmony, Indiana.

Pancreatic Cancer - This is an inoperable disease...

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