The Fool's Progress: An Honest Novel Character Descriptions

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Henry Lightcap - This person is fifty-three years old, a womanizing alcoholic with pancreatic cancer.

Will Lightcap - This person, a farmer in Stump Creek, who is idolized by his younger brother.

Claire Lightcap - This person met the central character in a national forest and then meets him again in Denver.

Myra Lightcap - This upper class artist does not like living without amenities.

Elaine Lightcap - This person leaves home in Tuscon at the beginning of the book.

Solstice - This creature is dying of a disease known as valley fever.

Grace Mellon - This person disagrees with a daughter's choice of spouse.

Keaton Lacey - This friend meets the narrator in the Dirty Shame Saloon in Tuscon.

Daniel K. Decay Hooligan - This person, who has questionable morals and makes money in drug deals and other illegal acts, is a friend from the Dirty...

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