The Fool's Progress: An Honest Novel Character Descriptions

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Henry Lightcap

This person is fifty-three years old, a womanizing alcoholic with pancreatic cancer.

Will Lightcap

This person, a farmer in Stump Creek, who is idolized by his younger brother.

Claire Lightcap

This person met the central character in a national forest and then meets him again in Denver.

Myra Lightcap

This upper class artist does not like living without amenities.

Elaine Lightcap

This person leaves home in Tuscon at the beginning of the book.


This creature is dying of a disease known as valley fever.

Grace Mellon

This person disagrees with a daughter's choice of spouse.

Keaton Lacey

This friend meets the narrator in the Dirty Shame Saloon in Tuscon.

Daniel K. Decay Hooligan

This person, who has questionable morals and makes money in drug deals and other illegal acts, is a friend from the Dirty Shame Saloon,

Andrew Harrington

This person is an M.D...

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