The Floating Island Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How are Nain different than humans?

Nain are different than humans because they live about four times longer. Ven for example is 50, yet still considered to a teenager. In addition, they are much shorter than the average human and have certain powers.

2. How did Ven's grandfather cause a scandal?

Ven's grandfather, Magnus the Mad, caused a scandal by not only moving to live among humans, but moving near the sea. The Nain could not understand why someone who couldn't swim would want to become a ship maker.

3. How is Ven different than his brothers?

Ven is different than his brothers for a number of reasons. First he doesn't like to fight. Secondly despite being much younger than them, he is much taller. Thirdly unlike his brothers, he has yet to grow a beard.

4. How does Ven blow up the ship?

Ven fires a flaming arrow connected to a barrel of quicklime into the pirate ship. It not only blows up the pirate ship, but his own ship as well.

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