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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirteen through Fifteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What drink does Whiting stink of?
(a) Rum.
(b) Whisky.
(c) Vodka.
(d) Beer.

2. What area does McLean say is haunted?
(a) The Floating Island.
(b) The sea.
(c) The crossroads.
(d) The gated city.

3. What does Captain give to Ven to give to Mrs. Snodgrass?
(a) Water from the Floating Island.
(b) A wooden box.
(c) A suitcase of money.
(d) A bag of gold coins.

4. What does Char tell Ven not to do for him again?
(a) Work for him.
(b) Fight for him.
(c) Talk for him.
(d) Pay for him.

5. What does Whiting tell Ven that he cost him?
(a) A job aboard the ship.
(b) A visit to the Floating Island.
(c) His dignity.
(d) His wages at the end of the voyage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Mrs. Snodgrass' father make?

2. Who calls Mr. Whiting's story a load of manure?

3. What color does the amber sun turn the ship's deck?

4. What is the jail wagon as hot as?

5. Who does the soldier say is the greatest warrior that ever lived?

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