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Short Answer Questions

1. What were Hereward and the Kikuyu hunting in Chapter 11?

2. How many unmarried daughters did Robin's Aunt Veronica have?

3. What did Lettice say Hugh suffered from while she was away?

4. Who was blamed for the accident?

5. What does the word "kali" mean?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Hereward express a willingness to die in a violent storm?

2. How did Ian describe Ahmed's people (Somalis), whom he had lived among before coming to Africa?

3. Why did Robin agree with the Italian priests in their refusal to baptize or help Njombo?

4. Why did Lettice elope with Hereward?

5. How did Elspeth view the planned hunt versus the actual hunt?

6. Why did the District Commissioner find it difficult to keep locals out of the prison?

7. How did Lettice Palmer view Hereward's desperate attempts to impose discipline on his workers?

8. How did the Kikuyu and Masai differ in their approaches to hunting?

9. How did Elspeth use the imagery of the kitchen beaters to convey the sense that Europeans and Africans were living in parallel worlds?

10. Why was Lettice convinced that she brought disaster on her loved ones?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Early in the book, Robin Huxley had a confrontation with the locals over the way he wanted his family's house built. Why was Robin so determined to recreate an English-style house in Africa? Why were the Africans so opposed to some of Robin's ideas? In what ways would adopting the local customs make it easier to settle in to a new area? Is it always advisable, or even possible, to recreate a certain lifestyle in a foreign land? What are the benefits of adopting the local traditions? Do you think Robin and the other Europeans were concerned about losing their European identity if they adopted too many local customs?

Essay Topic 2

Despite his lack of success in a number of endeavors, Robin Huxley continued dreaming of fortune and moved his family to Africa in his latest attempt. At one point, Robin and Tilly have an interesting exchange about other settlers, debating whether they are romantics or fools. Based on Robin's behavior, which category did he belong in? Were his dreams realistic or was he pursuing a pipe dream? Is there in fact a big difference between a romantic and a fool?

Essay Topic 3

While riding to Londiani, Dirk told Elspeth a detailed story about the arduous trek taken by his Boer family to their new home. Write an essay describing how these experiences influenced Dirk's behavior as an adult. Was his upbringing in a self-sufficient environment a factor in his willing abandonment of Elspeth? Was he bitter toward the English? Did he seem to have any regard for the natives? How did Dirk compare to the other Dutchman encountered in the book, Mr. Roos?

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