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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Lettice do during thunderstorms?

2. What did Robin pretend to threaten to get Sammy to lift the curse?

3. What was the only common element in the different styles of traps built for leopards?

4. What song did all of the settlers join in singing at the Palmers?

5. At what time did Elspeth's lessons begin in Chapter 20?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the Europeans view the difference between a bribe and a tip?

2. How did Elspeth view the planned hunt versus the actual hunt?

3. Why did the Kikuyu distrust hyenas?

4. How did the Kikuyu deal with the suffering of animals?

5. What did the Kikuyu do to preserve memories of the dead?

6. Why did Lettice elope with Hereward?

7. How did Lettice Palmer view Hereward's desperate attempts to impose discipline on his workers?

8. Why did the District Commissioner find it difficult to keep locals out of the prison?

9. How did the Kikuyu and Masai differ in their approaches to hunting?

10. What did Tilly think was the ultimate reason for the Europeans to be in Africa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lettice Palmer appeared to change in personality following the death of Ian. Write an essay describing how his death affected her. Why did she tell Elspeth that Africa was a cruel place and that nobody cared? What did her future appear to be?

Essay Topic 2

The Huxleys encountered two "foreign" concepts in marriage during their stay in Africa--the notion of a "bride-price" paid to the prospective bride's family, and polygamy. Discuss how these two practices could have impacted the society in Thika. What would have been accomplished by Njombo paying a family for a bride? Why was he not allowed to marry her without sufficient goats to give? Did the woman appear to have any say in the matter? How did the multiple wives live? What were the European attitudes toward these practices?

Essay Topic 3

Njombo was accused by Sammy of causing the death of his third wife and the maiming of his son. In response, Sammy places a curse on Njombo, which very nearly kills him. Write an essay explaining why a firm belief in the power of curses could actually lead to someone's death. Would Njombo had survived if the chief had not arranged for the curse to be lifted? How powerful is the human mind when it comes to health? Why were the Europeans determined to save Njombo by focusing on the curse rather than using Western medicine?

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