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Short Answer Questions

1. What animal did Elspeth worry would attack her pony, Twinkle?

2. What did Ian say the native beer tasted like?

3. What color was Ian's Somali shawl?

4. How many cattle did Sammy own?

5. What was the biggest concern about moving the object in the previous question?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Ian justify the brutality of the Abyssinian leaders he encountered before coming to Africa?

2. What did Tilly think was the ultimate reason for the Europeans to be in Africa?

3. Why did Lettice elope with Hereward?

4. Why were the other adults so upset at Mr. Roos for trapping the leopard?

5. How did Elspeth use the imagery of the kitchen beaters to convey the sense that Europeans and Africans were living in parallel worlds?

6. In what ways did Elspeth find the siafu (warrior ants) the most frightening and mysterious of Africa's creatures?

7. Why did Hereward express a willingness to die in a violent storm?

8. Why did the Kikuyu distrust hyenas?

9. How did the Kikuyu and Masai differ in their approaches to hunting?

10. Why were the villagers so concerned about the python near the village?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Elspeth Huxley described in detail the process of leaving Thika to return to England during the war. Write an essay describing the attitudes displayed by both the natives and the European settlers as the war descended. How were people on each side of the cultural divide affected by their experiences? How did the natives view the Huxley family?

Essay Topic 2

Elspeth Huxley at one point said that the natives never stole from one another, but did not seem to have any qualms about stealing from the Europeans. Why was this the case? What forces prompted the natives to avoid stealing from one another? How did they seem to view the Europeans and why would they be willing to steal from them? Did they view the Europeans as neighbors and fellow villagers or as something else entirely?

Essay Topic 3

In the early chapters, Robin Huxley attracted the attention of the natives with his burning lamp, which the fascinated locals assumed was magical. What is the difference between magic and science for people not exposed to advanced technologies? Did a belief in magic and spirits slow down the natives' development of their own technologies? Would it slow down their acceptance and adoption of other peoples' technologies? Do the people with advanced technologies retain any beliefs in magic or spirits or does technology suppress those beliefs?

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