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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the jiggas dig into the body?

2. With what did the natives think the Europeans created light at night?

3. Why did Njombo object to the house plans for the Huxleys?

4. How did the settlers assume Mr. Nimmo was making money?

5. What animals did Robin have a hard time handling?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the personalities of Mr. and Mrs. Oram.

2. What became of Tilly's initial attempt to "preserve an appearance of leisured elegance"?

3. Why was Robin having a difficult time with the oxen?

4. How did Robin and Kupanya differ in their approach to negotiating the terms of a workers' contract?

5. What was Lettice Palmer's first reaction to the health conditions in Africa?

6. How did Huxley describe the Kikuyu attitude toward theft?

7. What kind of person did Ian Crawford appear to be?

8. What happened to Njombo after he killed the man on the Palmer's property?

9. What were the Huxley's first impressions upon seeing the land that they had bought?

10. Describe the relationship the Kikuyu had with their surroundings.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While riding to Londiani, Dirk told Elspeth a detailed story about the arduous trek taken by his Boer family to their new home. Write an essay describing how these experiences influenced Dirk's behavior as an adult. Was his upbringing in a self-sufficient environment a factor in his willing abandonment of Elspeth? Was he bitter toward the English? Did he seem to have any regard for the natives? How did Dirk compare to the other Dutchman encountered in the book, Mr. Roos?

Essay Topic 2

Njombo was accused by Sammy of causing the death of his third wife and the maiming of his son. In response, Sammy places a curse on Njombo, which very nearly kills him. Write an essay explaining why a firm belief in the power of curses could actually lead to someone's death. Would Njombo had survived if the chief had not arranged for the curse to be lifted? How powerful is the human mind when it comes to health? Why were the Europeans determined to save Njombo by focusing on the curse rather than using Western medicine?

Essay Topic 3

Elspeth Huxley described in detail the process of leaving Thika to return to England during the war. Write an essay describing the attitudes displayed by both the natives and the European settlers as the war descended. How were people on each side of the cultural divide affected by their experiences? How did the natives view the Huxley family?

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