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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was a mundu-mago?
(a) A soothsayer.
(b) A hunter.
(c) A chief.
(d) A witch-doctor.

2. What special item did Lettice Palmer provide for her two dogs?
(a) Silver food bowls.
(b) Cushions.
(c) Separate kennels.
(d) Separate dog runs.

3. What did Lettice do during thunderstorms?
(a) Prayed.
(b) Hid in a cupboard or under bedclothes.
(c) Went outside because she enjoyed them.
(d) Retreated to the cellar.

4. On what had Elspeth cut her hand?
(a) A sharp rock.
(b) A blade of sharp grass.
(c) A broken bottle.
(d) A window.

5. What was Sammy's new wife's name?
(a) Shamba.
(b) Wanjui.
(c) Kamau.
(d) Kupanya.

6. What song did all of the settlers join in singing at the Palmers?
(a) London Bridge.
(b) Ring Around the Roses.
(c) Alouette.
(d) God Save the Queen.

7. What was the only common element in the different styles of traps built for leopards?
(a) The digging of a pit.
(b) The use of strips of meat as bait.
(c) The use of goats as bait.
(d) The use of poison.

8. Where was the leopard tracked to?
(a) Another village.
(b) The bank of the river.
(c) A waterfall.
(d) The plains.

9. How did Elspeth protect Twinkle?
(a) By praying.
(b) By building a fence.
(c) By refusing to let Twinkle wander.
(d) With a charm.

10. Why did Hereward dismiss the Dutch hunting skills?
(a) They were not brave.
(b) They were only interested in selling pelts.
(c) They were not skillful with rifles.
(d) They were only capable of trapping.

11. What had the python eaten?
(a) A baby.
(b) A hyena.
(c) A goat.
(d) A dikdik.

12. What did the settlers hunt in Chapter 12?
(a) Leopards.
(b) Goats.
(c) Guinea-fowl.
(d) Duikers.

13. How many goats did Tilly say the District Commissioner would fine Kupanya if the curse were not lifted?
(a) 50.
(b) 80.
(c) 150.
(d) 100.

14. What animal did Elspeth worry would attack her pony, Twinkle?
(a) A hyena.
(b) A python.
(c) A leopard.
(d) A duiker.

15. What did Mr. Roos offer to show Elspeth?
(a) A whydah-bird.
(b) A boomklop.
(c) A waterfall.
(d) A python.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the rumor about Lettice's marriage to an older man at 18?

2. How many princes had been blinded by the Abyssinian emperor?

3. What did the villagers do after Sammy's new wife died?

4. What article of clothing did Mrs. Nimmo give to Elspeth?

5. What color was Ian's Somali shawl?

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