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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What book did the teacher read to the students?
(a) A book on etiquette.
(b) A book about World War I.
(c) McGuffey's Reader.
(d) The Holy Bible.

2. How did the grandmother kill the hen?
(a) With a sharp knife.
(b) She hit it on the head with a pan.
(c) She thew it in a pot of boiling water.
(d) She strangled it.

3. What did Jacques learn about his father from Veillard?
(a) He learned that his father had a great sense of humor.
(b) He learned that his father was a strictly religious man.
(c) He learned that his father was a hard worker.
(d) Nothing. The man knew nothing about the Henri.

4. How did Louis feel about getting a hen from the yard?
(a) He was afraid of the hens.
(b) He dreaded it.
(c) He refused to do it.
(d) He thought it was fun to chase the hens.

5. What did Pierre and Jacques pass on the way to school?
(a) The girls' school.
(b) A series of shops.
(c) The beach.
(d) Farms.

6. What did Jacques have to write down to describe his mother's work?
(a) Postal employee.
(b) Stay-at-home mom.
(c) Domestic.
(d) Caterer.

7. What did the hens start to do when Jacques came near?
(a) Cluck.
(b) Nothing. They were used to him.
(c) Come toward him for food.
(d) Run away.

8. What type of book mostly appealed to Jacques?
(a) Cloak and dagger novels.
(b) Science fiction.
(c) Textbooks.
(d) Biographies.

9. What did Jacques feel about summer camp?
(a) He thought it more of a punishment than a privilege.
(b) It was his escape from his poverty.
(c) He couldn't wait to go.
(d) He hoped to work at the camp someday.

10. What did Jacques pass on his way to Mondavi?
(a) Beautiful landscapes.
(b) A large church.
(c) Jeeps with guns.
(d) His father's grave.

11. When did Jacques have time to do what he wanted?
(a) Thursday and Sunday afternoons.
(b) Never.
(c) Saturdays.
(d) Saturdays and Sundays.

12. What did Jacques see in his half-dream state?
(a) His grandmother.
(b) The guerillas.
(c) His father.
(d) His teacher.

13. What type of relationship did students have with teachers at the lycee?
(a) They students silently resented the teachers.
(b) The teachers were aloof and had no respect for the students.
(c) They weren't close, but there was respect.
(d) They almost had a parent/child relationship.

14. How did Jacques feel about the light?
(a) He felt it disguised the true darkness around him.
(b) It glared harshly on their poverty.
(c) It made his heart grow lighter.
(d) It was a waste of money.

15. How did Jacques define his religious preferences?
(a) He was a non-practicing Catholic.
(b) He was an atheist.
(c) He was an agnostic.
(d) He was a strict Catholic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What separated the two worlds in Jacques?

2. What did the Cormerys do on vacation?

3. Where did Pierre and Jacques spend some of their free time?

4. What happened to Jacques at the cooperage?

5. What did Jacques help Michel with?

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