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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Jacques' job at the theater?
(a) He was in charge of telling the family when the film was about to begin.
(b) He read the captions to his grandmother.
(c) He helped seat everyone.
(d) He ran and got the snacks for his family.

2. How did the husband respond to the wife?
(a) He yelled at her angrily.
(b) He was concerned about her.
(c) He told her to stop her whining.
(d) He ignored.

3. What game was Pierre good at?
(a) Poor man's basketball.
(b) Poor man's tennis.
(c) Stickball.
(d) Soccer.

4. What message did he give Jacques?
(a) Stay away from marriage.
(b) Education is more important than anything on Earth.
(c) There is no relationship better than that between a father and son.
(d) We never really know people even when we think we know them.

5. What instrument did Jacques do best with?
(a) His voice.
(b) The violin.
(c) The flute.
(d) The cello.

6. What was the weather like as Lucie and her husband traveled to their new home?
(a) A tornado was chasing them.
(b) It was a beautiful day.
(c) It was raining.
(d) It was starting to snow.

7. Why did Jacques go to visit his father?
(a) He wanted to tell his dad how he felt.
(b) He wanted to find out more about the man.
(c) He wanted to make peace with his father.
(d) His mother had asked him to.

8. What does Malan think about Henri's early death?
(a) He thinks it's tragic.
(b) He thinks that's what one deserves when he goes off to war.
(c) He thinks he was spared suffering.
(d) He is sad when thinking about the joys in life that Henri missed.

9. How were the children in the theater kept in line?
(a) They were bribed with candy.
(b) They were kicked out if they were noisy.
(c) They had to stand in a corner if they didn't behave.
(d) With a whip

10. How would Jacques learn more about his father?
(a) He would have to research the man on his own.
(b) From his uncle.
(c) From his grandmother.
(d) From his mother.

11. What couldn't Jacques control?
(a) His violent temper.
(b) His body as he tried to play games.
(c) His desire for candy.
(d) His fear of water.

12. What did Malan look like?
(a) A Chinese man.
(b) An Arab.
(c) A troubadour.
(d) The stereotypical Frenchman.

13. How did Henri react to the execution he witnessed?
(a) He thought it was exciting.
(b) He was livid and vomited.
(c) He slipped into a depression after it.
(d) It made him decide to get more involved in politics.

14. Where was Henri's family from?
(a) Spain.
(b) France.
(c) Algeria.
(d) Italy.

15. How did the man surprise the chambermaid at the hotel?
(a) He was irrational.
(b) He gave her flowers.
(c) He gave her a tip even though he wouldn't let her carry his bag.
(d) He passed out in the hallway.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was it difficult for Catherine to understand the films?

2. How does Malan feel about Jacques finding out more about his father?

3. How did Jacques feel about being on a boat?

4. What does Jacques think about Henri's early death?

5. What year did Lucie say she was born?

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