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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What disability did Jacques's uncle have?
(a) He was half mute.
(b) He was blind.
(c) He was a mute.
(d) He was deaf.

2. How did Max gain his popularity?
(a) He stole candy for them.
(b) He was amazing at sports.
(c) He was a spy for the group.
(d) He punched Gigot.

3. What year did Lucie say she was born?
(a) 1902.
(b) 1892.
(c) 1885.
(d) She didn't know when she was born.

4. What sound did Jacques hear before he left the graveyard?
(a) He heard his father's voice whispering to him.
(b) He heard birds preparing for the night.
(c) He heard an explosion as an invisible plane broke the sound barrier.
(d) He heard a car crash.

5. How did Jacques feel when the evening came?
(a) He wanted to get as far away as possible.
(b) He knew in his heart that he had to bring his mother there.
(c) He wasn't ready to leave the grave.
(d) He knew that he would be back as soon as possible.

6. What did Jacques say happened to the coin?
(a) He said he spent it and forgot to get change.
(b) He said someone stole it.
(c) He said he lost it.
(d) He said that he gave it to a beggar.

7. Where did Jacques' mother live?
(a) In the house where he grew up.
(b) In a little cottage.
(c) In the nursing home.
(d) Right near the beach.

8. Why did the women laugh when the doctor arrived?
(a) He looked like a drowned rat.
(b) He was joking with them.
(c) The baby was already born.
(d) They thought he was a fool.

9. How did the man react to those traveling near him?
(a) He tried to talk with everyone.
(b) He mentally made up stories about each one them.
(c) He stayed as far away from them as possible.
(d) He pulled out a magazine and kept to himself.

10. What did they name the child?
(a) Henri.
(b) Jacques.
(c) Lucie.
(d) Frances.

11. How did Jacques feel about Paris?
(a) He thrived in the atmosphere of the city.
(b) He refused to go back there.
(c) He loved it.
(d) He didn't like it.

12. How did the man surprise the chambermaid at the hotel?
(a) He was irrational.
(b) He passed out in the hallway.
(c) He gave her flowers.
(d) He gave her a tip even though he wouldn't let her carry his bag.

13. What message did he give Jacques?
(a) We never really know people even when we think we know them.
(b) Stay away from marriage.
(c) There is no relationship better than that between a father and son.
(d) Education is more important than anything on Earth.

14. What year did the husband and wife move from Algiers?
(a) 1883
(b) 1913
(c) 1902
(d) 1953

15. What was the weather like as Lucie and her husband traveled to their new home?
(a) It was raining.
(b) It was starting to snow.
(c) A tornado was chasing them.
(d) It was a beautiful day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Lucie think of the political situation when her husband went off to war?

2. How did Jacques' grandmother respond to his escapades?

3. How did Jacques feel about going back to Algiers?

4. How did the man travel?

5. Why did Malan help Jacques at the beginning of their friendship?

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