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Pith helmet

This is a derby hat worn by equestrians, or those who ride a horse.


This is a long cloak with a hood worn by Arabs in Northern Africa.


These are ornaments or show pieces put on mantels in French countries. They include decorated teacups, vases, small statues, etc.


This is another Spanish word for siesta, or midday nap.

Canette vinga

This is a version of tennis for the poor man. Instead of a tennis ball, it uses a cigar to bat around. Players use racquets to defend a circle, and the object is to keep the cigar from falling onto the circle's ground.


These are round, orange fruits that grow in Northern Africa.

Black mantilla

This is a black-colored silk or lace scarf worn over a woman's head and shoulders in the Spanish culture. It is a sign of devotion in Catholicism...

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