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Part 1, Search for the Father, first section (unnamed)

1. How did Lucie and her husband travel on the last stage of their trip to their new home?
(a) Wagon
(b) Car
(c) Train
(d) Boat

2. What was the weather like as Lucie and her husband traveled to their new home?
(a) It was starting to snow.
(b) A tornado was chasing them.
(c) It was a beautiful day.
(d) It was raining.

3. Why was the wife in pain as they traveled?
(a) She had a bad back.
(b) She had a broken leg.
(c) She suffered from migraines.
(d) She was in labor.

4. How did the wife respond to her pain.
(a) She screamed.
(b) She ignored it.
(c) She wouldn't stop complaining.
(d) She tried not to show it.

5. How did the husband respond to the wife?
(a) He was concerned about her.
(b) He told her to stop her whining.
(c) He ignored.
(d) He yelled at her angrily.

6. What was the population like around their new home?
(a) It was a city.
(b) There weren't many people.
(c) There were a few people, but the people shunned them.
(d) It was a friendly neighborhood where families stayed outside in the evenings to talk.

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