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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Search for the Father, first section (unnamed))


Albert Camus was a famous writer who died in an untimely manner. The objective of this lesson is to look at the man, the author, behind the book and to see why this book was published.


1. Partner Project: Do some research to determine what kind of a man Albert Camus was. Write a one-page paper describing the man and what he was famous for. Make sure you address his awards.

2. Partner Discussion: According to the research you did on the author, what was Albert Camus like as a father? As a writer? What were his viewpoints on politics?

3. Class Discussion: Read the Editor's Note at the beginning of the book. Discuss whether or not this book should have been published. Back up your arguments pro and con the publication.

4. Homework: Catherine Camus explained why she allowed this book to be published. Write a note as...

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