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Make a 3D Map

Make a 3D map showing the areas where Lucie and Henri traveled. Make a small ship and wagon that move across the map to show their journey.

Learn Some Sign Language

Lucie couldn't hear very well. Learn some sign language, focusing on words that might have been beneficial for her on her journey.

Graveyard Tales

Visiting a graveyard doesn't have to be a dismal experience. Some of the sayings on the gravestones are very unique. Research some unique tombstones online or in a graveyard near you and share them with the class.

Honoring the Dead

Henri's grave was perfectly groomed and had flowers on it. Research different ways that people honor their dead. Write a few paragraphs about at least three different ways people honor the dead in different cultures.

Write a Poem

Close friends are a real gift. Write a poem to your...

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