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Part 1, Search for the Father, first section (unnamed)

• A man and wife are in a wagon with an Arab.

• The wife is in pain.

• The husband asks her how she feels.
• It begins to rain.

• They travel through a village to their new home.

• The husband runs off to find a doctor since his wife is in labor.
• They have a son who they name Jacques.

Part 1, Search for the Father, Saint-Brieuc

• 40-year-old Jacques goes to visit his father's grave in Saint-Brieuc.

• A caretaker shows him Henri's grave.
• Jacques realizes his father was only 29 when he died.
• Jacques feels a connection to his father that wasn't ever there before.

• He feels sorry for his dad.

• He leaves the cemetery.

Part 1, Search for the Father, Saint Brieuc and Malan (J.G.)

• Jacques visits his good friend Victor Malan.

• They discuss whether or not Jacques should find out more about...

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