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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is laid out on the floor?
(a) Several meals.
(b) Armor and a sword.
(c) Maps.
(d) Rugs.

2. What does Rand refute?
(a) Lanfear's claim that Rand belongs to the Dark One.
(b) That Moiraine holds an important ter'angreal.
(c) That he slept with Aviendha.
(d) Lanfear's claim that Rand belongs to her.

3. What does Moiraine have to do quickly?
(a) Save Lan from his serious battle injuries.
(b) Take over the rule of Cairhien.
(c) Heal Rand to keep him alive.
(d) Dispatch Lanfear.

4. What does Moiraine tell Rand in the letter?
(a) She wants Rand to rule Cairhien.
(b) She knows Rand will stop using balefire.
(c) She knew her fate.
(d) Nothing for Rand--the letter is for Siuan.

5. What favor does Nynaeve ask of Masema?
(a) Nothing.
(b) To find Rand and get his help.
(c) To kill Galad.
(d) To help them get on a boat to go South.

6. What message does Rand send to Cairhien?
(a) To set fire to the city so there will be nothing for the Shaido.
(b) He decides not to send a message in case it were to be intercepted.
(c) To surrender to Couladin so there will be no more bloodshed.
(d) To hold on as he is on the way.

7. What does Isendre tell Kadere?
(a) That she is in love with Rand.
(b) That she has seduced Rand and he is starting to talk.
(c) That she is leaving the group because it's too dangerous.
(d) That she cannot get close to Rand because of Aviendha.

8. What does Valan Luca tell Nynaeve?
(a) That she must remove the curse she put on his circus.
(b) That he loves her and wishes to marry her.
(c) That he wants to return all the money he accepted from the group.
(d) That he wants to go with them.

9. Upon what does Rand stand to view the situation at Cairhien?
(a) A tower in the castle.
(b) Two observation platforms.
(c) A huge oak tree.
(d) A tall hill.

10. What does Elayne tell Birgitte when Birgitte awakes?
(a) About Elayne's real identity.
(b) About the bonding.
(c) That Birgitte is mortal now.
(d) About what Moghedien did to Brigitte.

11. Who is holding a boat for Nynaeve and her group?
(a) Captain Bowles.
(b) Masema.
(c) Captain Agni Neres.
(d) No one.

12. Why does Elayne bond Birgitte as a Warder?
(a) To have a female warder.
(b) To show the White Tower that fate is on her side.
(c) To heal her because she is dying.
(d) To see if she can do so.

13. Who does Mat find in Rand's tent?
(a) Natael.
(b) Aviendha.
(c) Rahvin.
(d) Nynaeve.

14. Upon what river bank is Valan's show parked?
(a) The river that marks the border between Amadicia and Ghealdan.
(b) The river that marks the border between Amadicia and Andor.
(c) It is not mentioned as to what river.
(d) The river that marks the border between Ghealdan and Salidar.

15. Who is Masema?
(a) A man known as the Prophet.
(b) A Dark Friend.
(c) Queen Ghealdan's consort.
(d) One of the Forsaken.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Aviendha create a doorway into an icy country?

2. Who rides into Rand's camp when they are near Eianrod?

3. With whom is Isendre sleeping?

4. Where does Valan Luca's circus perform?

5. Who is responsible for the collapse of Rand's observation spot?

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