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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What banner does Rand order raised over Cairhien?
(a) The Dragon Reborn.
(b) The six prime nobles.
(c) None.
(d) The Rising Sun.

2. Why does Aviendha create a doorway into an icy country?
(a) To escape in panic when Rand finds her naked.
(b) To seek help with the oracle there.
(c) To send a drakhar there.
(d) To see if her powers would work there.

3. What does Aviendha do?
(a) Chases away the wolves with an illusion.
(b) Kills two wolves with fire.
(c) Waits for Rand to decide what to do.
(d) Shields the damane.

4. Upon what river bank is Valan's show parked?
(a) The river that marks the border between Amadicia and Ghealdan.
(b) The river that marks the border between Amadicia and Andor.
(c) The river that marks the border between Ghealdan and Salidar.
(d) It is not mentioned as to what river.

5. With whom is Isendre sleeping?
(a) Mat.
(b) Kadere.
(c) Couladin.
(d) Natael.

6. Who is responsible for the collapse of Rand's observation spot?
(a) Lanfear.
(b) Asmodean.
(c) Sammael.
(d) Rahvin.

7. What happens as the gateway closes?
(a) Asmodean rushes through it.
(b) A Seanchan soldier hurls a spear through it.
(c) A Wolf jumps through it and is caught halfway.
(d) Moiraine goes through it.

8. What does Elayne tell Thom and Juilin?
(a) About meeting Birgitte in Tel'Aran'Rhiod.
(b) About her and Rand's secret engagement.
(c) About everything that happened in Tanchico.
(d) About her mother who has gone missing.

9. What does the note to Kadere say?
(a) That there are other Darkfriends nearby.
(b) That he must kill Rand within two days.
(c) That he must leave Rand's group.
(d) That he must kill Landfear.

10. What does Nynaeve manage to get on Moghedien?
(a) An adam.
(b) A net of silver that stops the one power.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A ter'angreal that mutes Moghedien's ability to move.

11. Who are the letters addressed to that Moiraine hands to Rand?
(a) Rand and Thom Merrilin.
(b) Rand and Mat.
(c) Rand and Nynaeve.
(d) Mat and Perrin.

12. Who rides into Rand's camp when they are near Eianrod?
(a) Some of the Shaido Aiel who are unhappy with Couladin.
(b) Moiraine's sister who escapes Cairhien.
(c) Several Aes Sedai who escape Cairhien.
(d) A group of Cairhienen nobles.

13. Why are the Aes Sedai aghast upon hearing Elayne's story?
(a) That Elayne has not yet returned to the White Tower.
(b) That Siuan sent them out in search of black ajah.
(c) That there is so much rioting going on.
(d) That they pretended to be Aes Sedai.

14. How does Rand kill the Forsaken he is fighting?
(a) He is unable to kill him, but does capture him.
(b) His dagger from Shadar Logarth.
(c) Balefire.
(d) Callandar.

15. What does Elayne tell Birgitte when Birgitte awakes?
(a) About what Moghedien did to Brigitte.
(b) About Elayne's real identity.
(c) About the bonding.
(d) That Birgitte is mortal now.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Rand duel in Caemlyn?

2. What is Nynaeve doing during the show?

3. What does Galad offer to get Nynaeve and the others?

4. Which nobles does Aviendha not trust?

5. What does Melindhra tell Mat as she is dying?

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