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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Kin Tovere built Rand?
(a) A spyglass.
(b) A scaffold.
(c) A catapult.
(d) A huge fireworks display.

2. Where does Moiraine force Lanfear?
(a) Into the water.
(b) Through the twisted doorway of a ter'angreal.
(c) Away from Rand.
(d) Into a sword point.

3. What do Elayne and Nynaeve do on the boat?
(a) Use their powers for defending the boat.
(b) Heal the refugees.
(c) Plan their next move.
(d) Sleep.

4. Why are the Aes Sedai aghast upon hearing Elayne's story?
(a) That there is so much rioting going on.
(b) That Elayne has not yet returned to the White Tower.
(c) That they pretended to be Aes Sedai.
(d) That Siuan sent them out in search of black ajah.

5. What banner does Rand order raised over Cairhien?
(a) None.
(b) The Dragon Reborn.
(c) The Rising Sun.
(d) The six prime nobles.

6. What does Nynaeve want to do?
(a) Search out Moiraine.
(b) Find Rand.
(c) See if she can leave to find Lan.
(d) See if she can reverse stilling.

7. Why does Elayne bond Birgitte as a Warder?
(a) To have a female warder.
(b) To heal her because she is dying.
(c) To show the White Tower that fate is on her side.
(d) To see if she can do so.

8. What is one thing that Elayne confesses?
(a) That she is being drawn back to the White Tower through magic.
(b) That she has been lost in Tel'Aran'Rhiod before.
(c) That she and Nynaeve are hunting the Forsaken.
(d) That she is supposed to assume the Andor throne now.

9. Who is waiting in Rand's chambers?
(a) Asmodean.
(b) Egwene.
(c) Mat.
(d) Moiraine.

10. Who blocks Liandrin from the One Power?
(a) Moiraine.
(b) Moghedien.
(c) Nynaeve.
(d) Rand.

11. How does Rand fail?
(a) He cannot protect Lan.
(b) He lies when he knows Lanfear can tell.
(c) He hesitates to kill Lanfear because she's a woman.
(d) He cannot protect several Maidens of the Spear.

12. With whom is Isendre sleeping?
(a) Mat.
(b) Kadere.
(c) Natael.
(d) Couladin.

13. What message does Rand send to Cairhien?
(a) To set fire to the city so there will be nothing for the Shaido.
(b) He decides not to send a message in case it were to be intercepted.
(c) To hold on as he is on the way.
(d) To surrender to Couladin so there will be no more bloodshed.

14. What does Elayne tell Birgitte when Birgitte awakes?
(a) About Elayne's real identity.
(b) About the bonding.
(c) About what Moghedien did to Brigitte.
(d) That Birgitte is mortal now.

15. What happens as the gateway closes?
(a) A Wolf jumps through it and is caught halfway.
(b) Moiraine goes through it.
(c) Asmodean rushes through it.
(d) A Seanchan soldier hurls a spear through it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aviendha do?

2. How does Rand kill the Forsaken he is fighting?

3. From whom are Elayne and Nynaeve on the run?

4. What group is camped on the river also?

5. Who does Mat kill?

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