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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Valan Luca tell Nynaeve?
(a) That he wants to go with them.
(b) That he loves her and wishes to marry her.
(c) That she must remove the curse she put on his circus.
(d) That he wants to return all the money he accepted from the group.

2. What does Rand refute?
(a) That Moiraine holds an important ter'angreal.
(b) Lanfear's claim that Rand belongs to the Dark One.
(c) Lanfear's claim that Rand belongs to her.
(d) That he slept with Aviendha.

3. Who wants to see Rand?
(a) Kadere.
(b) Sulin.
(c) Lan.
(d) Moirane.

4. What does Moiraine tell Rand in the letter?
(a) Nothing for Rand--the letter is for Siuan.
(b) She knows Rand will stop using balefire.
(c) She wants Rand to rule Cairhien.
(d) She knew her fate.

5. Who are Talmanes and Nalesean?
(a) The king and prince of Cairhien.
(b) Two masters of fireworks.
(c) Two Tarbonian nobles.
(d) Two lords who Mat led in the battle.

6. Who is guarding the gateway?
(a) A party of Seanchan.
(b) Some Shaido Aiel.
(c) Another wolf pack.
(d) Moiraine.

7. At what are Rand and Aviendha unsuccessful?
(a) Convincing the Seanchan they are friends.
(b) Removing an a'dam.
(c) Keeping one wolf from coming through the gateway.
(d) Convincing the wolves they are friends.

8. What does Nynaeve tell the sisters about Moghedien?
(a) That Moghedien and other Forsaken are setting a trap for Rand.
(b) Nothing.
(c) That Moghedien is traveling incognito.
(d) That Moghedien can travel in Tel'Aran'Rhiod.

9. Why does Aviendha upbraid Rand?
(a) For trusting Natale.
(b) For not resting before going into Cairhien.
(c) For nearing killing himself in battle.
(d) For not listening to Mat's battle suggestions.

10. Which nobles does Aviendha not trust?
(a) Talmanes and Nalesean
(b) Nalesean and Torean.
(c) Meilan and Torean.
(d) Meilan and Talmanes.

11. What does Mat do as he is leaving Cairhien?
(a) Takes command of a unit and leads them into battle.
(b) Leaves his fox medallion with Aviendha for Rand.
(c) Kills a Drakhar.
(d) Tells Perrin he does not want to see him anymore.

12. With whom does Rand duel in Caemlyn?
(a) Lanfear.
(b) Rahvin.
(c) Asmodean.
(d) Sammael.

13. What does Mat try to convince himself to do?
(a) Show Rand the best way to lay out the battle.
(b) Take Malindhre to safety.
(c) Slip into the Shaido camp and assassinate Couladin.
(d) Take his leave of Rand and journey south.

14. From whom are Elayne and Nynaeve on the run?
(a) Elaida.
(b) Lanfear.
(c) Moghedien.
(d) Moiraine.

15. What does Uno offer Nynaeve?
(a) A dagger.
(b) A way out of Tarbon.
(c) Rand's lost talisman.
(d) Safe escort.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom is Isendre sleeping?

2. Who blocks Liandrin from the One Power?

3. What does Gareth ask for in return for his aid?

4. What has Kin Tovere built Rand?

5. What does Aviendha keep Rand from doing?

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