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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the Aes Sedai aghast upon hearing Elayne's story?
(a) That there is so much rioting going on.
(b) That Siuan sent them out in search of black ajah.
(c) That Elayne has not yet returned to the White Tower.
(d) That they pretended to be Aes Sedai.

2. What does Nynaeve manage to get on Moghedien?
(a) A ter'angreal that mutes Moghedien's ability to move.
(b) An adam.
(c) A net of silver that stops the one power.
(d) Nothing.

3. Who exclaims about Elayne's beauty?
(a) Thom.
(b) Luca.
(c) Uno.
(d) One of the Forsaken.

4. What do the Aes Sedai in Salidar ask Gareth Bryne?
(a) To release Siuan from her oath.
(b) To release Min from her oath so she can travel to join Rand.
(c) To release Leane from her oath so she can sneak into the White Tower as a servant.
(d) To raise and lead an army against Elaida.

5. What secret does Elayne hold back?
(a) That she is leaving to go find Rand.
(b) Birgitte's identity.
(c) She holds back nothing.
(d) That she is pregnant.

6. What does Aviendha keep Rand from doing?
(a) Taking off after one of the Foresaken.
(b) Killing Couladin with balefire.
(c) Making Moiraine leave the battlefield.
(d) Using balefire to wipe out the Shaido.

7. What happens as the gateway closes?
(a) A Seanchan soldier hurls a spear through it.
(b) Moiraine goes through it.
(c) A Wolf jumps through it and is caught halfway.
(d) Asmodean rushes through it.

8. How does Rand kill the Forsaken he is fighting?
(a) His dagger from Shadar Logarth.
(b) He is unable to kill him, but does capture him.
(c) Callandar.
(d) Balefire.

9. What does Nynaeve want to do?
(a) Search out Moiraine.
(b) See if she can reverse stilling.
(c) See if she can leave to find Lan.
(d) Find Rand.

10. Where is Couladin and a force of Shaido going?
(a) Climbing up the East wall of Cairhien.
(b) East away from the wall and the thrust of the battle.
(c) West towards the caves.
(d) Towards Rand.

11. What is one thing that Elayne confesses?
(a) That she and Nynaeve are hunting the Forsaken.
(b) That she has been lost in Tel'Aran'Rhiod before.
(c) That she is supposed to assume the Andor throne now.
(d) That she is being drawn back to the White Tower through magic.

12. What favor does Nynaeve ask of Masema?
(a) To find Rand and get his help.
(b) To help them get on a boat to go South.
(c) To kill Galad.
(d) Nothing.

13. What did Brigitte not believe about Elayne until they are on the boat?
(a) That she is the daughter-heir of Andor.
(b) That she is Aes Sedai.
(c) That she knows Elaida.
(d) That she is a noblewoman.

14. What does Mat tell Lan?
(a) That Nynaeve is nearby.
(b) That Perrin is nearby.
(c) That Rand will die if Rand goes into the actual battle.
(d) How to improve the battle plans.

15. Where does Moiraine force Lanfear?
(a) Into a sword point.
(b) Through the twisted doorway of a ter'angreal.
(c) Into the water.
(d) Away from Rand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Elayne and Nynaeve do on the boat?

2. What does Galad offer to get Nynaeve and the others?

3. Who does Mat find in Rand's tent?

4. Where does Nynaeve search for Moghedien in the flesh?

5. What has Kin Tovere built Rand?

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