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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Rand destroy the darkhounds?
(a) With balefire.
(b) With Callandor.
(c) With a torch.
(d) With saidin.

2. What does Morgase realize?
(a) That she does not want to be queen any longer.
(b) That misses her daughter and wants her to come home.
(c) That she must challenge Gaebril.
(d) That she has been under Gaebril's spell.

3. How many forsaken has Rand killed or captured?
(a) 1.
(b) None.
(c) 3.
(d) 4.

4. Why does Elayne say she needs to sneak out of town?
(a) She is wanted by the White Tower.
(b) Her brother will not let her go otherwise.
(c) She does not say why.
(d) She is wanted by her mother.

5. With whom do Egwene, Aviendha, and Moiraine meet?
(a) Rand al'Thor.
(b) Queen Morgase.
(c) Nynaeve.
(d) The Aiel Wise Ones.

6. What are Juilin and Thom posing as?
(a) Bards.
(b) Soldiers of fortune.
(c) Footmen.
(d) Whitecloaks.

7. What town on the Jangai Pass is ravaged?
(a) Taien.
(b) Tamchico.
(c) Tarbon.
(d) Tar Valon.

8. What is Elayne pretending to be?
(a) A circus performer.
(b) A noblewoman.
(c) A fireworks creator.
(d) A washerwoman.

9. Why does Aviendha chase the servant from Rand's room?
(a) Aviendha was told to do so by the wise ones.
(b) Aviendaha wants to speak with Rand in private.
(c) Avienda is in a bad mood.
(d) Aviendha believes the woman wants to seduce Rand.

10. What is Couladin doing at the end of Chapter 6?
(a) Moving futher into the Waste.
(b) Invading Tear.
(c) Leading his Aiel into Cairhein.
(d) Coming to Rand to offer his allegience.

11. Why can't Elayne tell Egwene who the woman is?
(a) The woman has put a magical spell on Elayne.
(b) Elayne is sworn to secrecy.
(c) Elayne does not know the woman's name.
(d) Elayne tells Egwene who the woman is.

12. What gift does Aviendha give Rand?
(a) A dagger set from Sador Logorth from before its curse.
(b) The sword of Laman.
(c) The sword of truth.
(d) A dragon bracelet.

13. What does Elayne believe about the apothecary owner?
(a) That she has good intentions.
(b) That she works for Elaida.
(c) That she is undercover for Siuan.
(d) That she is a darkfriend.

14. What has Egwene not succeeded at?
(a) Using a ter'angreal.
(b) Using saidar in Tel'Aran'Rhoid.
(c) Convincing Moiraine that Egwene does not need to go to the White Tower.
(d) Finding Nynaeve's or Elayne's dreams in Tel'Aran'Rhoid.

15. What is Mat considering doing?
(a) Following Elayne to Caemlyn.
(b) Marrying Aviendha.
(c) Leaving with the wagons on their trip to Tar Valon.
(d) Marrying Melindhra.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has been made a servant by the Maidens?

2. Into where does Nynaeve dream herself?

3. Who passes judgment on Siuan, Leane and Min about the barn burning?

4. Where does Rand lead the Aiel?

5. Who has Elaida ordered arrested and brought to the White Tower for treason?

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