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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What have some of the Aiel done?
(a) Killed their wise ones.
(b) Attacked the Stone of Tear.
(c) Thrown down their weapons and abandoned the Aiel system of honor, ji'e'toh.
(d) Moved further out into the Waste.

2. What does Moiraine want Rand to forgo?
(a) Following the wagons to Two Rivers.
(b) Invading Cairhein with the Aiel.
(c) Going through a very dangerous ter'angreal.
(d) Allowing the Aiel to come with him to the White Tower.

3. How do the Aes Sedai leaders ascertain that Siuan and Leane are who they say they are?
(a) They recognize them.
(b) They torture them.
(c) They use magic.
(d) They grill them with questions.

4. Why does Elayne say she needs to sneak out of town?
(a) She does not say why.
(b) She is wanted by her mother.
(c) She is wanted by the White Tower.
(d) Her brother will not let her go otherwise.

5. Why are Lean and Siuan not recognized by leaders of the Aes Sedai faction that split from the Tower?
(a) They are recognized.
(b) They have altered their appearance with magic.
(c) They look too young.
(d) They have aged rapidly.

6. Why are there warders, Aes Sedai and tower servants where Siuan, Leane, Min and Logain ride into?
(a) There is no one when Siuan, Leane, Min and Logain ride into the area.
(b) They are searching for Rand al'Thor.
(c) They are sent there by Elaida to hold the Western border.
(d) They fled the White Tower in the coup.

7. What does Aviendha give Rand?
(a) A dragon buckle.
(b) A bracelet.
(c) An earring.
(d) A scabbard.

8. What does Elayne believe about the apothecary owner?
(a) That she is a darkfriend.
(b) That she has good intentions.
(c) That she works for Elaida.
(d) That she is undercover for Siuan.

9. What town on the Jangai Pass is ravaged?
(a) Tamchico.
(b) Tar Valon.
(c) Tarbon.
(d) Taien.

10. Who is Elayne talking with in Tel'Aran'Rhoid?
(a) Rand.
(b) A golden-haired woman.
(c) Melanie.
(d) Aviendha.

11. What does Rand recognize about Aviendha's gift?
(a) That it is wrought with the one power.
(b) That it means they are officially engaged.
(c) That it is tainted by the dark one.
(d) It means Aviendha is to have his baby.

12. Of what does Nynaeve convince those who stop Nynaeve, Elayne, Juilin, and Thom?
(a) That they are farmers.
(b) That they were looking for the whitecloaks to give a report.
(c) That they are merchants.
(d) That they are searching for a new homeland.

13. Into what area do Siuan, Leane, Min and Logain ride?
(a) Tanchico.
(b) Altara.
(c) Tear.
(d) Tar Valon.

14. What has happened in Two Rivers that concerns Tallanvor?
(a) Someone has raised the old banner of Manetheren.
(b) The Forsaken have razed the towns in the area.
(c) Rand al'Thor's father has been kidnapped.
(d) The orcs have captured the area.

15. Who does Nynaeve meet in Tel'Aran'Rhoid before meeting with Egwene?
(a) Birgitte.
(b) One of the Black Ajah.
(c) Rand.
(d) Mahvin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Rand pursuing?

2. Why do the Aiel call a former Cairhienin king "Treekiller"?

3. Who is Valan Luca?

4. What are the captives of Aiel called?

5. Who helps the three women escape?

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