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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Nynaeve posing as?
(a) A scholar.
(b) A juggler.
(c) A maid.
(d) A apprentice candlemaker.

2. What town do Nynaeve, Elayne, Juilin, and Thom camp near that night?
(a) Salidar.
(b) Falme.
(c) Tar Valon.
(d) Mardecin.

3. What has descended over the Borderlands and the Blight?
(a) A swarm of locusts.
(b) A strange calm.
(c) A strange blue light.
(d) A thick, cold fog.

4. With whom does Elaida meet?
(a) Her inner circle of advisors.
(b) Leane.
(c) Siuan Sanche.
(d) Rand al'Thor.

5. Why do the Wise Ones command Aviendha to sleep in Rand's room?
(a) To teach Rand.
(b) To seduce him into marriage.
(c) To learn of his intentions.
(d) To protect Rand.

6. Whose attention does Mat attract as he is gambling?
(a) The Daughter of the Nine Moons.
(b) Aviendha.
(c) Melindhra.
(d) Elayne.

7. Why does Aviendha give Rand another gift?
(a) She believes Rand does not understand that her gift of the dragon buckle canceled debt between them.
(b) To formally announce their engagement.
(c) She wants a favor of Rand.
(d) The Wise Ones order her to do so.

8. What does Moiraine want Rand to forgo?
(a) Going through a very dangerous ter'angreal.
(b) Invading Cairhein with the Aiel.
(c) Allowing the Aiel to come with him to the White Tower.
(d) Following the wagons to Two Rivers.

9. How does Rand destroy the darkhounds?
(a) With a torch.
(b) With balefire.
(c) With saidin.
(d) With Callandor.

10. Where does Elayne's brother want her to go?
(a) To the Two Rivers.
(b) To the White Tower.
(c) To Caemlyn.
(d) To Salidar.

11. What is Bryne's sentence for the women?
(a) Thirty lashes.
(b) Two horses.
(c) To work off payment for the barn on his estate.
(d) A month in prison.

12. Why can't Elayne tell Egwene who the woman is?
(a) Elayne tells Egwene who the woman is.
(b) Elayne is sworn to secrecy.
(c) The woman has put a magical spell on Elayne.
(d) Elayne does not know the woman's name.

13. Who has been made a servant by the Maidens?
(a) Elayne.
(b) Aviendha.
(c) The Darkfriend Isendre.
(d) Siaun.

14. Who is attacking Mat?
(a) No one.
(b) Some black Aljah.
(c) Six blackfriends.
(d) Three darkhounds.

15. What are the captives of Aiel called?
(a) Ter'gain.
(b) Shaingai.
(c) Gai'shain.
(d) They have no name.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Egwene go to tell what she learns in the White Tower?

2. What has Egwene not succeeded at?

3. Why are Suian, Leane, and Min being held prisoner?

4. Why does Aviendha chase the servant from Rand's room?

5. Who stops Nynaeve, Elayne, Juilin, and Thom on the border of Amadicia?

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