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The White Tower

A massive structure created with the One Power after the Breaking of the World, it is the center of power to the order known as the Aes Sedai.


An abandoned town on the border between Altara and Amadicia, it is now the headquarters of the Aes Sedai who rebelled.

Tar Valon

A small city on an island in the middle of the River Erinin, it serves as the home of the servants and artisans who tend the White Tower.


This is the eponymous seat of the city-state bordering the Dragonwall, east of Caemlyn.


The largest city in the known world, it is the seat of Andor.

The Little Tower

This is the name given to the inn in Salidar where the rebellion conducts its official business.


These are procedures to cut a man or a woman off from the One...

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