The Fires of Heaven Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Prologue-Chapter 3

1. With whom does Elaida meet?
(a) Rand al'Thor.
(b) Leane.
(c) Her inner circle of advisors.
(d) Siuan Sanche.

2. What has descended over the Borderlands and the Blight?
(a) A swarm of locusts.
(b) A thick, cold fog.
(c) A strange blue light.
(d) A strange calm.

3. Who is deposed in Tanchico?
(a) Gareth Bryne.
(b) Siuan.
(c) Amathera.
(d) Graendel.

4. What does Elaida say is the most important task to accomplish?
(a) Reuniting the White Tower.
(b) Capturing the Aes Sedai who refuse to come to the White Tower.
(c) Being ready to fight at Tarmon Gaidon.
(d) Capturing Rand al'Thor.

5. Who has bewitched Queen Morgase?
(a) Sammael.
(b) Rahvin.
(c) Lanfear.
(d) Graendal.

6. How many forsaken has Rand killed or captured?
(a) None.
(b) 4.
(c) 1.
(d) 3.

7. Why are Suian, Leane, and Min being held prisoner?
(a) For accidentally burning down a barn.
(b) For pilfering grain.
(c) It is not known why.
(d) For refusing to bow to Queen Morgase.

8. Who passes judgment on Siuan, Leane and Min about the barn burning?
(a) Rand al'Thor.
(b) Queen Morgase.
(c) Elaida.
(d) Gareth Bryne.

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