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Prologue-Chapter 3

• Prologue: Elaida meets with her advisers and says they must capture Rand al'Thor.

• The Foresaken meet in Caemlyn and review their position; Rand has killed or captured four of them and they plan how to bring him down.

• Chapter 1: Suian, Leane, and Min are being held because of a barn burning down where they were sleeping. Gareth Bryne sentences them to work off the debt.

• Logain rescues the women and they flee with him towards Altara.

• Lady Alteima visits Queen Morgase and sees that Morgase is bewitched by Gaebril who is actually the Forsaken Rahvin.
• Chapter 2: In Rhuidean, Rand meets with the Aiel chiefs that are loyal to him and Rand learns about the "sickness" that is striking many Aiel.

• The sickness makes some Aiel throw down their weapons and abandon the Aiel system of honor, ji'e'toh.

• Chapter 3: Rand asks Asmodean if it would be possible to...

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