The Fire This Time Character Descriptions

Jesmyn Ward
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Trayvon Martin

This person was a 17-year-old high school student at the time he was involved in an altercation with George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood watch coordinator. This person was unarmed and was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, who was later acquitted of all charges.

James Baldwin

This person was a famous African-American writer and activist who lived from 1924-1987. He wrote the book The Fire Next Time, which discussed the topic of race in America and was used as an inspiration for the collection of essays and poems entitled The Fire This Time.

Trent Lott

This person was a United States senator whom the editor of the collection The Fire This Time met while on a high school field trip. The event of the meeting is solidified in the editor's memory due to this person's comment during the meeting, "Let's show 'em how us good old boys...

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