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Short Answer Questions

1. Charles Dickens is regarded as the greatest novelist of what era?

2. When did Charles Dickens die?

3. About how many years ago does the author describe the letter recipient being born in "My Dungeon Shook"?

4. To whom is the author writing in "My Dungeon Shook"?

5. The author writes to the letter recipient in "My Dungeon Shook," "You come from a long line of" what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What paradox does the author describe in "My Dungeon Shook"?

2. How has the black man functioned in the white man's world, according to Baldwin in "My Dungeon Shook"?

3. How is the title of the essay employed in "My Dungeon Shook"?

4. What does the author claim to be the only way you can be destroyed in "My Dungeon Shook"?

5. How does the author describe aspirations toward excellence or mediocrity in "My Dungeon Shook"?

6. How does James Baldwin describe his father's defeat in "My Dungeon Shook"?

7. What does Baldwin claim to be "the root of my dispute with my country" in "My Dungeon Shook"?

8. What does the author write about the words "acceptance" and "integration" in "My Dungeon Shook"?

9. How does the author describe his relationship with his brother in "My Dungeon Shook"?

10. How does the author describe his mother in "My Dungeon Shook"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the differences in approach toward equality by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad. What are the differences in the ideologies of these individuals? How did they propose change? Whose methods were more effective in your opinion? Why?

Essay Topic 2

When was the Nation of Islam founded? Who founded the church? What were the Nation Of Islam's mission and objectives at this time? How has the organization changed in the past 50 years?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the Emancipation Proclamation and the author's references to it in "My Dungeon Shook." When was the Emancipation Proclamation enacted? Who enacted it? What did it guarantee? How does the author refer to it in his essay?

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