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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Charles Dickens is regarded as the greatest novelist of what era?
(a) The modernist era.
(b) The Victorian era.
(c) The Renaissance.
(d) The Edwardian era.

2. The author describes the birth of the letter recipient in "My Dungeon Shook," saying "here you were: to be loved. To be loved, baby, hard, at once, and forever, to strengthen you against" what?
(a) "The madman."
(b) "The world of evil."
(c) "The struggles you will face."
(d) "The loveless world."

3. What does the author claim the black man has functioned as in the white man's world in "My Dungeon Shook"?
(a) A feat to stand above.
(b) A slave.
(c) A fixed star.
(d) A token of inspiration.

4. After whom was the letter recipient named in "My Dungeon Shook"?
(a) After his father.
(b) After his grandfather.
(c) After the author.
(d) After his godfather.

5. The author says in "My Dungeon Shook," " There is no reason for you to try to become like" what?
(a) "Me."
(b) "Your ancestors."
(c) "White people."
(d) "Your father."

6. What caused the author's father's defeat in "My Dungeon Shook"?
(a) "He couldn't stop his temper from exploding."
(b) "He really believed what what people said about him."
(c) "He was unaware of his destiny and fell behind."
(d) "He didn't care for his family or his friends."

7. The author claims in "My Dungeon Shook," "Any upheaval in the universe is terrifying because it so profoundly attacks one’s sense of" what?
(a) "The meaning of life."
(b) "Health and love."
(c) "One's own reality."
(d) "Grief."

8. How does the author describe the recipient's character in "My Dungeon Shook"?
(a) "Tough, dark, vulnerable, moody."
(b) "Kind, holy, and venerable."
(c) "Calm, collected, at peace."
(d) "Reactionary, divisive, impulsive."

9. The author writes to the letter recipient in "My Dungeon Shook," "You come from a long line of" what?
(a) "Carpenters."
(b) "Teachers."
(c) "Poets."
(d) "Slaves."

10. The author claims in his conclusion of "My Dungeon Shook" that the country is celebrating one hundred years of freedom when?
(a) "One hundred years too soon."
(b) "One hundred years too late."
(c) "Two hundred years too late."
(d) "Two hundred years too soon."

11. The author indicates in "My Dungeon Shook" that "people find it very difficult to act on" what?
(a) "Faith."
(b) "Intuition."
(c) "What they know."
(d) "What they've forgotten."

12. The author claims in "My Dungeon Shook" that "the danger, in the minds of most white Americans, is" what?
(a) "The loss of power."
(b) "The loss of money."
(c) "The loss of faith."
(d) "The loss of identity."

13. The author claims in his conclusion of "My Dungeon Shook" that "we can make America" what?
(a) "Great again."
(b) "Better than it has ever been."
(c) "A beacon of yesterday."
(d) "What America must become."

14. The author writes in "My Dungeon Shook," "You were born into a society which spelled out with brutal clarity, and in as many ways as possible, that you were" what?
(a) "A part of the American Dream."
(b) "On a road to success."
(c) "On the road to failure."
(d) "A worthless human being."

15. Where did Charles Dickens live?
(a) England.
(b) Ireland.
(c) The United States.
(d) France.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word from "My Dungeon Shook" refers to extremely cruel and brutal behavior?

2. When was E. Franklin Frazier elected as the first black president of the American Sociological Association?

3. The author describes the recipient's face as being the same face of whom in "My Dungeon Shook"?

4. What U.S. President issued the Emancipation Proclamation?

5. Where did Homer live?

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