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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author says in "My Dungeon Shook," that "if you've loved anybody that long, first as an infant, then as a child, then as a man, you gain a strange perspective on" what?
(a) "Time and human pain and effort."
(b) "That there is fear everywhere."
(c) "A sense of love, peace, and justice."
(d) "Family and the meaning of life."

2. The author writes in "My Dungeon Shook," "You were born where you were born, and faced the future that you faced because" of what?
(a) "You were rich."
(b) "You were black."
(c) "You were poor."
(d) "You were a man."

3. When was E. Franklin Frazier elected as the first black president of the American Sociological Association?
(a) 1944.
(b) 1932.
(c) 1948.
(d) 1956.

4. The author claims in his conclusion of "My Dungeon Shook" that the country is celebrating one hundred years of freedom when?
(a) "One hundred years too soon."
(b) "Two hundred years too late."
(c) "One hundred years too late."
(d) "Two hundred years too soon."

5. How does the author describe the recipient's character in "My Dungeon Shook"?
(a) "Kind, holy, and venerable."
(b) "Reactionary, divisive, impulsive."
(c) "Tough, dark, vulnerable, moody."
(d) "Calm, collected, at peace."

6. What does the word "impertinent" mean in the context of "My Dungeon Shook"?
(a) Plausible.
(b) Disrespectful or rude.
(c) Inexcusable.
(d) Uncomfortable or wary.

7. How does the author conclude his letter in "My Dungeon Shook"?
(a) "I love you, dear James, and I send my love to the family."
(b) "God bless you, James, and Godspeed."
(c) "I will see you on the morrow."
(d) "I hope that you will forgive me."

8. When was Charles Dickens born?
(a) 1919.
(b) 1805.
(c) 1865.
(d) 1812.

9. The author claims in "My Dungeon Shook," "Any upheaval in the universe is terrifying because it so profoundly attacks one’s sense of" what?
(a) "One's own reality."
(b) "The meaning of life."
(c) "Health and love."
(d) "Grief."

10. The author states in his conclusion of "My Dungeon Shook," "We cannot be free until" what?
(a) "They are free."
(b) "They are dead."
(c) "We are one."
(d) "We are educated."

11. Of white people, the author says in "My Dungeon Shook," "You must accept them and accept them with" what?
(a) Clarity.
(b) Love.
(c) Faith.
(d) Resentment.

12. What word in "My Dungeon Shook" does the author define as meaning "that we, with love, shall force our brothers to see themselves as they are, to cease fleeing from reality and begin to change it"?
(a) Compulsion.
(b) Integration.
(c) Atonement.
(d) Revenge.

13. In "My Dungeon Shook," the author cites E. Franklin Frazier as describing a time when the blacks left the land and entered into what?
(a) "The urban centers of prosperity."
(b) "The cities of despair."
(c) "The cities of destruction."
(d) "The cities of decadence."

14. How does the author sign off in his letter in "My Dungeon Shook"?
(a) "Your brother, James."
(b) "Your father."
(c) "Your uncle, James."
(d) "Your son, James."

15. What must one become "concerning destruction and death," according to the author in "My Dungeon Shook"?
(a) "Bold and incisive."
(b) "Peaceful and analytical."
(c) "Logical and honest."
(d) "Tough and philosophical."

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does the author claim "no one has ever accused her of being bitter" in "My Dungeon Shook"?

2. What word from "My Dungeon Shook" means to display something?

3. The author writes in "My Dungeon Shook," "You were born into a society which spelled out with brutal clarity, and in as many ways as possible, that you were" what?

4. After whom was the letter recipient named in "My Dungeon Shook"?

5. The author claims in his conclusion of "My Dungeon Shook" that "we can make America" what?

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