The Fire Next Time Character Descriptions

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James Baldwin.

This character is also the book's author who is a Christian Preacher.

Negro Americans.

This group of characters is portrayed as oppressed and victimized.

White Americans.

This group of characters present a powerful presence within the novel although there are very few of these characters portrayed.

James Baldwin (nephew).

This character is believed to be very young, angry and bitter. The essay, "My Dungeon Shook", is addressed to this character.

The Author's Brother / The Nephew's Father.

This character is only mentioned once in the book, during the essay, "My Dungeon Shook". This character is described as being moody and self-destructive.

The Author's Mother / The Nephew's Grandmother.

This character is portrayed as a person of dignity, restraint and courage.

The Author's Father.

This character is seen several times throughout the book, and is described as being controlling and judgmental. This character deeply resents black male figures of...

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