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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a person begins movements to the ___________ as they shift their assemblage point, they can become seers.
(a) Darkness.
(b) Teachers.
(c) Unknown.
(d) Songs.

2. Who is Carlos terrified of, according to the energy reading of Don Genaro when Carlos comes to his home?
(a) Don Genaro.
(b) Don Juan.
(c) Silvio Manuel.
(d) Pablito.

3. ___________ are incapable of harming men but they are capable of scaring them to death, according to Don Juan.
(a) Dreams.
(b) Allies.
(c) Spirits.
(d) Eagles.

4. It is useless, according to __________, to single out the Yaquis when the conditions of men in general is hell.
(a) Don Juan.
(b) La Catalina.
(c) La Gorda.
(d) Don Genaro.

5. Before, Don Juan and Carlos had talked about the idea of _________ Indian oppression, though their new discussion brings up another point of view.
(a) Mexican.
(b) Yaqui.
(c) Sioux.
(d) Iroquoi.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what sort of place does Don Juan work himself to the bone, which is where he meets his petty tyrant?

2. What was the frame of the mirror made out of which meant that the ally could not escape Carlos' mirror?

3. Who arrives and pushes the assemblage point of Carlos in order to show him what the lesson means for him?

4. The ___________ is draining, according to Don Juan as he talks to Carlos in his lessons with him.

5. Who wants to travel to the answer to #13 with Don Juan and Carlos, although Don Juan forbids it?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Don Genaro find humorous about the various side of the narrator when they are all sitting at Don Genaro's house?

2. What does the assemblage point select for alignment, as taught by Don Juan in a state of heightened awareness?

3. What is the explanation for the fatigue which Carlos is feeling after his experience with Don Genaro and Don Juan?

4. Why does Carlos become suspicious of Don Juan and Don Genaro as they are sitting together?

5. What is the reason why Don Genaro is able to push the narrator's assemblage point in the story?

6. What happens to a person if the assemblage point is not returned to its original position?

7. Why doesn't Don Genaro care about the explanations of things which are being taught to Carlos?

8. Why was Don Juan sent to the boss' house when he is working at a sugar mill as a young man?

9. What is Carlos told to do when he asks for an example of what an ancient Toltec practice might be?

10. What is revealed about his teachers to Carlos when he is in his left side awareness?

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