The Fire from Within Character Descriptions

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Don Juan Matus

This character is a nagual and the narrator's mentor.


This character is mentored. He has a large sense of self-importance. His dreaming body travels from Mexico to Tucson, Arizona.

Don Genaro

This character is part of the nagual's party and lives one town away. This character constantly mocks the narrator during his lessons, such as when he plays a joke on the narrator by pretending that the narrator already ate.

The Eagle

This character is an indescribable force which is the source of all sentient beings.

Death Defiers

These characters are ancient Toltec seers who live in another great band of emanations in order to escape death. They bury their bodies without injury in order to avoid the blows of the tumbler.


This character is the nagual lady who lives in Tucson, Arizona. The narrator's dreaming body travels to her.

Don Julian


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