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Foreword and Chapter 1, The New Seers

• Men have two sides of awareness, according to the narrator.

• Carlos does to Mexico and finds Don Juan on his favorite bench.

• Don Juan says that Carlos is ready for his final test.

• When the first world of the Toltecs was destroyed, the surviving seers regrouped.

Chapter 2, Petty Tyrants

• Don Juan wants to go to the town square, but forbids La Gorda to go with him.

• Don Juan attempts to provoke Carlos' self importance.

• Don Juan recalls the time he met his petty tyrant.

• Petty tyrants can defeat warriors by causing them to join the ranks of the tyrants.

Chapter 3, The Eagle's Emanations

• Carlos and Don Juan take a walk.

• Don Juan discusses the mastery of awareness.

• The reason for the existence of sentient beings if to enhance awareness.

Chapter 4, The Glow of Awareness and Chapter 5: The First Attention

• Don Juan makes...

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