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Part 1, One

1. Why should Julian have been prepared for what happens?
(a) Because he always sees things coming.
(b) His father tried to prepare him for anything.
(c) His friends had warned him.
(d) His mother had warned him.

2. Where is Julian on a school holiday?
(a) Madrid.
(b) Monaco.
(c) Paris.
(d) Barcelona.

3. What does the gypsy woman say to Julian?
(a) Danger would accompany a man named Justin.
(b) Julian would fall in love and his wife would run around on him.
(c) Julian would fall in love and his wife would kill him.
(d) Danger would accompany a woman named Juno, Julie or Judith.

4. How could Julian avoid the fate that the gypsy woman predicts?
(a) He can never travel to Italy.
(b) He should never help a woman who is laden down with packages.
(c) He cannot.
(d) He should never travel to Russia.

5. To whom does the gypsy woman predict something bad would happen?
(a) Just to the woman.
(b) She does not know if it's Julian or the woman.
(c) The gypsy woman does not say something bad will happen.
(d) Just to Julian.

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