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Part 1, One

• When Julian is in Barcelona, a Gypsy woman tells him a woman with a name beginning with the letter "J" will be dangerous for him.

• Late one night when Julian is walking home alone, he is mugged by a woman.

• Julian does not understand how Libor survived the death of his wife, Malkie, who was Libor's life.

• Malkie and Libor had contemplated double suicide if one of them got sick, but they did not carry through with it when Malkie did become ill.

• The premature death of Tyler Finkler left Sam angrier than sad.
• Sam and Julian have been friends and rivals since school, though Julian knows he will never be as clever as Sam.

• Libor was their history teacher briefly when Sam and Julian were in school.

• Libor becomes a famous writer/teacher, and Sam a famous radio personality.

• Julian is attacked while looking at...

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