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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Vega drop off her forged letter in QUADRAGINTA QUATTUOR: “Vega Down Under”?
(a) Morrigone’s home.
(b) Valhall.
(c) Jurik Krone’s home.
(d) Thansius’s home.

2. What creature from Quentin Herms’s book is described as one “that would help you so long as you gave it a small gift each light”?
(a) A creta.
(b) An adar.
(c) A jabbit.
(d) A hob.

3. What is the name of the tavern in Wormwood?
(a) Tosh’s Tavern.
(b) The Witch-Pidgy Pub.
(c) Betty’s Pub and Kitchen.
(d) The Starving Tove.

4. What does Vega use to blow away the wall and reveal the staircase to the upper floors at Stacks?
(a) A frek.
(b) Destin.
(c) The Elemental.
(d) The Adder Stone.

5. What twenty-four-year-old Wug is described in VIGINTI OCTO: “Valhall” as “the youngest member of Council”?
(a) Thansius.
(b) Domitar.
(c) Cletus Loon.
(d) Duk Dodgson.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first prize that is announced for the Duelum on the banner?

2. What color robes are Thansius and Morrigone wearing when Vega is brought before the Council?

3. How many coins does Thansius award to Vega in QUINQUAGINTA: “The Duelum Champion”?

4. Morrigone's magical spell attempts to make Vega ___________________.

5. The word “amaroc” used in the novel is derived from the name “Amarok,” a gigantic wolf in what mythological system?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Vega describe the cobble that appears in TRIGINTA SEPTEM: “A Case of Cobbles”?

2. What does Vega discover when she reaches the hospital in QUADRAGINTA UNUS: “Slivers Too Few”? Where does Vega go after this?

3. How do Vega and Delph perform in their first fights of the Duelum in TRIGINTA QUINQUE: “The Battle Begins”?

4. How does Delph become injured in TRIGINTA SEPTEM: “A Case of Cobbles”?

5. How does Vega Jane describe the Duelum event in Wormwood in VIGINTI SEPTEM: “The Duelum”?

6. What change does Thansius announce regarding the Duelum in VIGINTI SEPTEM: “The Duelum”?

7. How is Vega Jane’s trial before the Council described in VIGINTI NOVEM: “Council”?

8. What message does Vega Jane receive from Thansius in QUINQUAGINTA DUO: “The End of the Beginning”?

9. What confrontation takes place at the Care between Vega and Morrigone in TRIGINTA QUATTUOR: “Magical Me”?

10. What does Vega Jane learn from her encounter with Thaddeus Kitchen in QUADRAGINTA DUO: “A Bit of Mischief”?

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