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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What lines the walls of the Hall of Truth?
(a) Paintings.
(b) Maps.
(c) Bookcases.
(d) Mirrors.

2. Who is the guard of Valhall that locks Vega in her cell?
(a) Nida.
(b) Domitar.
(c) Thansius.
(d) Ezekiel.

3. Where is Vega Jane to be held while the Council deliberates on their verdict in VIGINTI NOVEM: “Council”?
(a) Her cottage.
(b) Steeples.
(c) Stacks.
(d) Valhall.

4. The perfume that the shop store owner sprays on Vega is homemade from what scents?
(a) Lavender and honeysuckle.
(b) Rose and violet.
(c) Jasmine and daffodil.
(d) Rose and cinnamon.

5. What is the name of the tavern in Wormwood?
(a) The Starving Tove.
(b) The Witch-Pidgy Pub.
(c) Betty’s Pub and Kitchen.
(d) Tosh’s Tavern.

Short Answer Questions

1. Vega Jane attends the funeral of __________________.

2. What does “VIW” stand for, according to the narrator in TRIGINTA QUINQUE: “The Battle Begins”?

3. Who fired an employee that was working on the Wall in QUADRAGINTA DUO: “A Bit of Mischief”?

4. Whom does Vega pin up on a torch hook when she enters Morrigone’s home?

5. What word is used in the novel to refer to Duf's prosthetic legs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What encounter takes place between Morrigone and Vega at Vega’s cottage in TRIGINTA QUATTUOR: “Magical Me”?

2. How is Vega Jane’s trial before the Council described in VIGINTI NOVEM: “Council”?

3. What does Vega Jane discover about the straps for the Wall in TRIGINTA NOVEM: “All Fall Down”?

4. How does Vega Jane describe the Duelum event in Wormwood in VIGINTI SEPTEM: “The Duelum”?

5. How is Vega Jane’s final fight in the Duelum described in QUADRAGINTA NOVEM: “To the Death”?

6. How is Vega’s time in prison described in VIGINTI OCTO: “Valhall”? Who visits Vega?

7. How does Vega describe the cobble that appears in TRIGINTA SEPTEM: “A Case of Cobbles”?

8. What prevents Vega’s rivals from chopping down her tree house in TRIGINTA DUO: “A Single Care”?

9. Whom is Vega slated to fight in the first round of the Duelum in TRIGINTA TRES: “Foes United”? How does Vega feel about this opponent?

10. What exchange takes place between Vega and Delph at the hospital in QUADRAGINTA TRES: “A Matter of Parchment”?

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