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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who answers the door at Barbara Cromwell's house?
(a) Sophie.
(b) No one.
(c) Billy Lee.
(d) A woman who will not open the door.

2. Where does Myron decide to go?
(a) To see FJ again.
(b) Back to Barbara's house.
(c) To see Bonnie.
(d) Home.

3. Why does Myron walk around town?
(a) To get some exercise after the long ride up there.
(b) To find the scene of the accident from years ago.
(c) To find Barbara Cromwell.
(d) To think.

4. Before Billy Lee can shoot Myron, what happens?
(a) Pat grabs the shotgun.
(b) Someone shoots Billy Lee.
(c) Billy breaks down and throws the shotgun at Myron.
(d) Billy Lee slips in the same puddle of oil.

5. Where is Sheriff Lemmon?
(a) He is out on a call.
(b) He is in another room.
(c) He retired and moved to Florida.
(d) He died two years earlier.

6. Of what does Myron accuse FJ?
(a) Killing Clu.
(b) Rigging Clu's drug test.
(c) Having an affair with Bonnie.
(d) Telling Clu about Bonnie and Esperanza's affair.

7. Why is Bonnie upset and scared when Myron talks to her?
(a) That he knows about the affair.
(b) That Myron would call the police.
(c) That Esperanza was still in jail.
(d) That Myron would find out about Clu's roommate and her.

8. What do Pat and Zorra tell Myron?
(a) He needs to come with them if he wants answers.
(b) They are going to kill him.
(c) They know who killed Clu.
(d) They know about Esperanza.

9. What does Myron figure out from his talk with Clu's roommate?
(a) Bonnie and Esperanza were having an affair.
(b) Bonnie was having an affair with Clu's roommate.
(c) Bonnie and Billy Lee were an item.
(d) Bonnie kicked Clu out for using drugs.

10. How did Myron feel when Clu's roommate finished talking?
(a) Excited.
(b) Shocked and confused.
(c) Optimistic about solving the mystery.
(d) Calm but pessimistic.

11. What does Sophie say should be Myron's top priority?
(a) Getting Esperanza out of jail.
(b) Finding out who killed Clu.
(c) Finding Lucy.
(d) Finding a way to get rid of Sawyer.

12. Who has Sawyer been counseling?
(a) Hester Crimestien.
(b) Clu and the other New York Yankees.
(c) Pat.
(d) Esperanza.

13. Why does FJ stop following the lovers?
(a) He runs out of time.
(b) He becomes bored.
(c) He is too angry.
(d) He learns all he needs to know.

14. Who is the former owner of the Yankees?
(a) Merston.
(b) TF.
(c) Clu's parents.
(d) Riverton.

15. What does Win tell Pat?
(a) He will burn down Pat's bar if Myron is hurt.
(b) He will put a contract out on him if Myron is hurt.
(c) He will hunt him down if anything happens to Myron.
(d) He will kill Zorra if Myron doesn't return.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was FJ's objective as far as Clu is concerned?

2. What does FJ offer Myron if Myron does not try to get his clients back?

3. Of what does Myron accuse Sawyer?

4. What is Myron trying to figure out?

5. Who says hello to Myron when they arrive at their destination?

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