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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Big Cyndi?
(a) A police officer.
(b) An employee of Myron's.
(c) Myron's girlfriend.
(d) A lawyer for the public defender's office.

2. What did the police find in Myron's office that was connected with Clu?
(a) Clu's letter to Myron with wild accusations.
(b) Clu's sports jacket.
(c) The gun that killed Clu.
(d) Clu's blood type.

3. Why does Myron tell Esperanza he has killed someone?
(a) So he can get it off his chest.
(b) So she can know he's no angel.
(c) So she knows why he left the country.
(d) So she feels comfortable talking about Clu.

4. What does Jessica tell Myron?
(a) She wants to get back together.
(b) She's pregnant.
(c) Bonnie and Esperanza had an affair.
(d) Clu called her and said Myron was in danger.

5. How does Win react to two women taking on Myron?
(a) He wants to teach Myron how to defend himself.
(b) He is puzzled.
(c) He gets angry.
(d) He laughs.

6. What does Win say about withdrawing the money for Clu?
(a) He is an accountant whose client didn't listen to him.
(b) Clu wanted it and he's not a babysitter.
(c) Clu would have gotten the money anyway.
(d) He is just the messenger.

7. What does Esperanza tell Myron about the case when he finally sees her?
(a) Nothing.
(b) She didn't kill Clu.
(c) She was with Cyndi that night.
(d) She was out of town when it happened.

8. What does Myron think the club had to do with Clu and Bonnie?
(a) It might be why Bonnie threw him out.
(b) Clu bought his drugs there.
(c) They may have gone there together.
(d) Bonnie used to dance there.

9. How does Myron feel about Thrill?
(a) He is repulsed by her/him.
(b) He is attracted to her/him.
(c) He is angry at her/him.
(d) He is indifferent.

10. Who found the phone number in Clu's records?
(a) Billy Lee.
(b) Hester.
(c) Bonnie.
(d) Big Cyndi.

11. What does the prosecution ask about bail?
(a) That Esperanza not receive bail.
(b) That Esperanza be released on her own recognizance.
(c) That bail be at least $200K.
(d) That it be one million dollars.

12. What do they both figure the killer wanted to do about Myron?
(a) Put Esperanza away so his company would fail.
(b) Give the company a bad reputation.
(c) Harm him and his company.
(d) Kill him.

13. What does Bonnie ask Myron to do?
(a) Find Clu's drug supplier.
(b) Find the killer.
(c) Not dig too deep for answers.
(d) Find out what Clu did with the $200K.

14. How do you know if you're going home with a man or woman from the club?
(a) You ask.
(b) You don't.
(c) Men have an earring in the left ear, woman in the right.
(d) Woman alway grab your left arm first.

15. What does Win tell Myron?
(a) He is going in the hospital.
(b) His mother is ill.
(c) The business took a bad hit on the market.
(d) Esperanza needs his help.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Clu Haid?

2. What does Myron insist about Esperanza's case?

3. What does Cyndi do when she sees Myron?

4. What happens when Myron goes to the back room with Pat?

5. What does Hester say about the prosecutor's request?

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