The Final Detail Short Essay - Answer Key

Harlan Coben
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1. At the beginning of the book, where is Myron Bolitar, who is he with, and how long has he been there?

Myron Bolitar is lounging on a beach in the Caribbean next to a beautiful CNN newscaster, Terese Collins. Myron is not sure how long the two of them have been on the island, but suspects it has been close to three weeks.

2. What happens as Myron is staring at the water?

As they stare out into the sunlight, a yacht pulls toward them and drops down anchor. At first, Terese is alarmed and asks Myron if he has told anyone where they are, Myron assures her he has not. A dingy is then thrown over the side of the ship. As it approached, Myron can tell that his friend Win, has found him.

3. What does Win tell Myron?

Win alerts Myron that his business partner, Esperanza, needs his help. Myron is concerned. Win informs Myron that Clu Haid, a famous Yankee pitcher and one of Myron's clients, has been killed. Esperanza is being arrested for Clu's murder as they speak.

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