Objects & Places from The Final Detail

Harlan Coben
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New York City

The city in which most of the book is set.

Take A Guess

New York City club in which patrons visit the bar and take a chance to see who they go home with.


This is where Clu crashes the car and buries Lucy Mayor's body.

Hamlet Motel

This is this hotel where Clu and Bonnie lived.

The Wells Guide to Wellness; The Wells Rules for Wellness; K

These are Sawyer Wells' books that are very popular among many New Yorkers.

MB Sports Reps

Mryon's sports representation company.


FJ's corrupt sports representation company.

Yankee Stadium

Myron visits Sophie Mayor and her office here several times.

Barbara Cromwell's Home

This house is located in Massachusetts. Myron confronts her about Clu's blackmail here.

Leather and Lace

The club where Pat and Zorra meet Myron to discuss Clu.

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