The Final Detail Character Descriptions

Harlan Coben
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Myron Bolitar

He is the novel's main character who was sidelined from playing professional basketball.

Winsdor Lockwood (Win)

He is surprisingly Myron's best friend. They attended college together at Duke.

Clu Haid

Although the reader only hears of him through other characters, he is essential to the plot of the novel.

Esperanza Diaz

She is a former wrestling star who joined Myron's company working as an assistant.

Bonnie Haid

She is Clu's wife. They have been married for over 12 years and have two young boys together.

Hester Crimestien

She is Esperanza's lawyer. She also had a relationship with Esperanza a couple of years ago.

FJ or Frank Junior

He is the owner of TruPro, a rival sports representation company.

Terese Collins

She is the beautiful CNN news anchor with whom Myron escapes to the Caribbean.

Sophie Mayor

She is the billionaire owner of the New York Yankees. She...

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