The Final Detail Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Harlan Coben
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Chapters 1-3 (pages 1-23)

• Myron Bolitar is lounging around on the beach with a beautiful woman, Terese Collins, a CNN newscaster.

• They are uncertain how long they've been there but probably about three weeks.

• They are both there to escape but neither know what the other wants to leave behind.

• A yacht pulls up near their position, a small dingy is thrown out, and Myron's best friend, Win, pulls up in the dingy.
• Win alerts Myron that his business partner, Esperanza, needs his help. Myron is concerned.

• Esperanza is being accused of a murder she didn't commit; a client named Clu Haid, a famous Yankee pitcher.

• Clu, who is a general failure, was one of Myron's first customers who tried to keep him out of trouble.

• Given the drugs and women Clu was involved with doing that was not easy.
• Things were going better for Clu and had...

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