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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrative switches to Bird's voice and how members of his unit are struggling to come to grips with ______ breakdown.
(a) Lan's.
(b) Hijohn's.
(c) Ohnine's.
(d) Roberto's.

2. In Chapter 21 Madrone visits Angel city. While there, she meets _____ who is Hijohn's pregnant lover.
(a) Katy.
(b) Sara.
(c) Mary Ellen.
(d) Melissa.

3. On the way to the raid, Madrone and the others come upon another camp and discover _____ who has a bullet wound.
(a) Sara.
(b) Joan.
(c) Melissa.
(d) Mary Ellen.

4. On the way back to Hijohn's camp, Madrone and _____ have sex, which for her is an unsatisfying experience.
(a) Beth.
(b) Rosa.
(c) Hijohn.
(d) Katy.

5. According to the book, Madrone is sent on a raid along with _____ and Littlejohn into a pharmacy in Hollywood.
(a) Melissa.
(b) Bebop.
(c) Begood.
(d) Bebad.

Short Answer Questions

1. The ______ Council discusses the available weapons that the City has at its disposal, which are few.

2. In the ______ controlled area that Sara and Mary Ellen live in, women are forbidden from having non-traditional feminine occupations.

3. The General commands ______ one of his troops, to deal with the children who are surrounding the council by shooting them.

4. Chapter 17 highlights how ______ as a way of making decisions functions, particularly in the midst of conflict.

5. The sailor learns that immunoboosters and injections help the people to stay controlled by the ______.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bird suggest as a way to present certain people as leaders to the other side?

2. Why is Bird's unit struggling with Ohnine's breakdown?

3. Who is particularly vocal about the downsides of nonviolent resistance and is a member of the water council.

4. As part of the resistance effort against the invaders, the dam is blown up by the water council. What is the response of the invading forces?

5. When Madrone arrives at the rebels camp she discovers that someone is very sick . Who is sick and why is he difficult to heal?

6. Why does the General order one of his troops to deal with the crowd by shooting the children?

7. What sentence do the leaders and citizens of the City continue to repeat to the leaders of the invasion? What is the reaction of the commander?

8. After Ohnine is healed by Madrone she gives him a name during their communion together. What is the name that she gives him and why is it significant?

9. What is the threat that is facing the City that causes a Council to be held?

10. When Madrone gets to Angel city, why is she shocked when she meets the Avenging Angels, a group of genetically engineered teens.

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