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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bird explains to his unit that the _____ will not kill Ohnine and they will help with the withdrawal he is experiencing.
(a) Witches.
(b) Doctors.
(c) Mothers.
(d) Physicians.

2. The sailor is curious about the Utopian aspects of the City and is told that there is free _______.
(a) Food.
(b) Health care.
(c) Immunoboosters.
(d) Drinks.

3. Chapter 14 is written from Bird's perspective and it is the Jewish holiday of ______ celebrated with heavy pagan influence.
(a) Channukah.
(b) Roshashanah.
(c) Yom Kippur.
(d) Passover.

4. In the ______ controlled area that Sara and Mary Ellen live in, women are forbidden from having non-traditional feminine occupations.
(a) Millenialist.
(b) Steward.
(c) Rebel.
(d) Northern.

5. In Chapter 24, the Steward troops have _____ in an effort to block the source of the water supply to the City.
(a) Poisoned the resevoirs.
(b) Destroyed the aquaducts.
(c) Destroyed the main water pipes.
(d) Dammed the river.

Short Answer Questions

1. Madrone helps the woman with her infection using all of the following remedies except _____ .

2. In the book, the purpose of the meeting is to discuss how the City will respond to the _____ Steward troops marching on the City.

3. ______ suggests that a "pseudo-council" is made so there are some "leaders" to speak with the invading army.

4. According to the book, Madrone is sent on a raid along with _____ and Littlejohn into a pharmacy in Hollywood.

5. In Chapter 16 Madrone begins to _______ and is suddenly overwhelmed by the camp lifestyle.

Short Essay Questions

1. What sentence do the leaders and citizens of the City continue to repeat to the leaders of the invasion? What is the reaction of the commander?

2. When Madrone gets to Angel city, why is she shocked when she meets the Avenging Angels, a group of genetically engineered teens.

3. At the women's meeting in Sara's house, what aspects of the North are the women curious about?

4. What challenges does Madrone face in helping Ohnine to heal?

5. Why does the General order one of his troops to deal with the crowd by shooting the children?

6. As part of the resistance effort against the invaders, the dam is blown up by the water council. What is the response of the invading forces?

7. What methods do the opponents of non-violent resistance wish to use to defend the city?

8. What is the first destination of Madrone's journey to the South and who does she meet?

9. Why is Madrone dismayed by the choice of drugs that the rebels plan to get from the raid on the pharmacy?

10. What aspects of the City is Isis the most interested in while she is taking Madrone to her new mission in the South?

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