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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Within the military regime are two different factions. One is called _____ and represents the military wing.
(a) Las Cuatros Viejas.
(b) The Stewards.
(c) The Sacred.
(d) The Millenialists.

2. When Bird originally ended up in jail he was tortured by the guards so that he would divulge information about ______.
(a) The City.
(b) The South.
(c) The West.
(d) San Diego.

3. The Voices participate in the discussions of the council, ______ representatives of the Four Sacred Things.
(a) Animal.
(b) Mineral.
(c) Celestial.
(d) Plant.

4. In the beginning of the second chapter, Bird, the grandson of Maya, who is currently in ______.
(a) Jail.
(b) a Hotel.
(c) Rehab.
(d) San Francisco.

5. Bird is able to soothe the man using ______ techniques and heal some of his pain. He is again warned to reveal none of these practices to the guards.
(a) Massage.
(b) Sound healilng.
(c) Energetic.
(d) Breath.

Short Answer Questions

1. Within the book, Starhawk explores all of the following themes except ______ that she has explored in her other writings.

2. Chapter 3 begins with Maya waking up in the _______ the time of day she usually communicates with the dead.

3. Bird tells Lily that he has promised to return to ______. Lily disagrees with him and says that it is not his path.

4. Bird is successful in getting out of jail and reassigned to a work camp along with Littlejohn and ______.

5. Although exhausted, Madrone joins Maya on the trek to the shrine of the ______ Sacred things.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bird do in order to dispel his confusion and try to get his bearings of the situation?

2. What begins to return to Bird as he continues to recover memories in jail?

3. Why do the residents of Toxic territory refer to themselves as monsters?

4. As Maya climbs the hill in the opening chapter, how does she describe the changes that have taken place in the City?

5. Maya is often visited by several spirits of the dead, who she communes with on a regular basis. Who are her two most frequent visitors?

6. What information does the defense council want from Madrone, Bird, and Maya?

7. As a part of the Voices, there are four animals that represent each of the sacred things at the council. What are the four animals.

8. What are the author's opinions on sexuality, including homosexuality, bisexuality, and polyamory/polygamy?

9. What is Bird's condition when he awakens at the beginning of chapter two and who is with him?

10. What are some of the negative effects of the raid on the nuclear reactor that Bird experienced at the time of the raid?

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