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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 14 is written from Bird's perspective and it is the Jewish holiday of ______ celebrated with heavy pagan influence.
(a) Yom Kippur.
(b) Channukah.
(c) Roshashanah.
(d) Passover.

2. According to the book, Madrone is sent on a raid along with _____ and Littlejohn into a pharmacy in Hollywood.
(a) Begood.
(b) Bebad.
(c) Bebop.
(d) Melissa.

3. Madrone helps the woman with her infection using all of the following remedies except _____ .
(a) Energy.
(b) Honey.
(c) Antibacterials.
(d) Herbs.

4. In order to recover, Madrone asked to be taken to a _______ that is about a half day's hike outside of the camp.
(a) Glade.
(b) River.
(c) Lake.
(d) Waterfall.

5. The Commander of the forces refuses the offer given by the pseudocouncil and slaps _____ in the face.
(a) Lan.
(b) Roberto.
(c) Marie.
(d) Maya.

6. The sailor learns that immunoboosters and injections help the people to stay controlled by the ______.
(a) Rebels.
(b) Stewards.
(c) Millenials.
(d) Pagans.

7. In Chapter 24, the Steward troops have _____ in an effort to block the source of the water supply to the City.
(a) Destroyed the main water pipes.
(b) Destroyed the aquaducts.
(c) Dammed the river.
(d) Poisoned the resevoirs.

8. In Chapter 16 Madrone begins to _______ and is suddenly overwhelmed by the camp lifestyle.
(a) Faint.
(b) Get angry.
(c) Feel worn out.
(d) Menstruate.

9. The General commands ______ one of his troops, to deal with the children who are surrounding the council by shooting them.
(a) Lan.
(b) Rio.
(c) Alexander.
(d) Jones.

10. The code name that is needed to get the sailor to allow passage on the boat is _____ the name of an Egyptian goddess.
(a) Isis.
(b) Anubis.
(c) Hecate.
(d) Horus.

11. In preparation for the raid, one of the others attempts to give Madrone a _____, but she refuses to take it.
(a) Club.
(b) Bow,
(c) Gun.
(d) Knife.

12. The city eventually comes to consensus and decides to use ______ methods to defend the city and deal with the Stewards.
(a) Espionage.
(b) Non-violent.
(c) Sabotage.
(d) Military.

13. When the authorities leave, Madrone has to explain herself to _____ the wife of the owner of the house.
(a) Mary Ellen.
(b) Melissa.
(c) Katy.
(d) Sara.

14. The General learns that each household in the City has its own _____ and is thus able to go without the water rations.
(a) Generator.
(b) Spring.
(c) Stream.
(d) Cistern.

15. The ______ Council discusses the available weapons that the City has at its disposal, which are few.
(a) Toxics.
(b) Safety.
(c) Defense.
(d) Armaments.

Short Answer Questions

1. _____ comes to the door to open it for Madrone but he does not seem to recognize her when he sees her.

2. The sailor is curious about the Utopian aspects of the City and is told that there is free _______.

3. In Chapter 22 the Steward armies arrive in the City and a group of "leaders" goes out to meet them including all of the following except _____.

4. Chapter 17 opens with a council meeting and it appears to Maya as if ______ of the City have/has shown up for it.

5. Chapter 17 highlights how ______ as a way of making decisions functions, particularly in the midst of conflict.

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